Playstation 2 Games To Be Ported To Playstation Portable

CriousGamer Writes...From Software is a Japanese software company founded in November 1986 that develops games for Sony, they have just revealed a slew of Playstation Portable ports of PlayStation 2 games.

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Unbiased13346d ago

Title is VERY misleading. Everyone will think that this is something about ALL PS2 games, very lame, but they menaged to get hit from me.

CobraKai3346d ago

Yeah, I was ready to look for MGS2&3 on the psp but allz theyz gotz is Tenchu

SaiyanFury3346d ago

The Tenchu games are good enough for me. I've been a fan of the series for over a decade now and I'd love to have them on the go. Hopefully they'll be able to work around the lack of a second analog stick to control the camera, because in games like Tenchu, camera control is of paramount importance.

saimcheeda3345d ago

I thought i was gonna play GOW I AND II on my psp now!!!

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manwich253346d ago

don't feel so bad, I got roped into that one as well

-Mezzo-3346d ago

But aren't those Playstation 2 games that are being ported to PSP.

Da One3346d ago

I hope so...............

-Mezzo-3346d ago

i think thats what (From Software) just did no need to think.

Monk3y3346d ago

I was thinking bout MGS2 & 3 to PSP :L