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Gameplayer reviews Infamous

The verdict:
Controls like an electric dream
Addictive levelling system
Fun, challenging combat
Unpolished graphics engine
Sandbox AI syndrome

Gameplay-wise: "it's ELECTRIFYING!".
Visually: "a touch disappointing".

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HighDefinition3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Compared to what exactly?

It`s the best looking Sandbox game this generation, so far.

GTAIV was, and to be honest that`s not saying much, it looks good, but InFAMOUS exceeds it in almost every way.

And on top of the it`s looks to be their only real negative about the game.

Name a better looking Sandbox game........cause I don`t think you can.

snaz273471d ago

can i just ask have you played the demo? i have and to be honest i have to agree with this review... its not as polished as you would expect from a ps3 exclusive... to me gta does look better (although it was boring to me), but as were talking about graphics it is better, and you would think based on the other sony exclusives that they would have smashed gta looks... the thing is i guess infamous has got to live next to the other ps3 exclusives... from the demo i played it looks a little rushed.

twoface3471d ago

Disregarding graphics, there's one point that most if not all the reviewers seem to agree on - that is, the game is just freaking fun

HighDefinition3471d ago

End of Story.

I`m not wasting my time posting anything or explaining all the reasons why.

Lifendz3471d ago

we know the deal and it's so 2007 at this point. It got AAA on the one site whose opinion I value more than any other so I'm not concerned with reviews from sites like this. 1up and Gamespot should make it interesting. Gamespot 8.0 and 1up probably a B.

snaz273471d ago

wow chill man you sound like you have been attacked or something... but i asked a simple question... have you played the demo? atleast hold your opinion till you do yeah? its ok but the amount of pop in disaspointed me... plus things that arent really far away are really blury... believe me i was looking forward to this game but i was just dissapointed... ontop of the looks whenever you jump near something he hangs on to it... which can actually be a little annoying at times... i mean you may love it thats cool... but anyway i just wondered if you had played the demo cos i fail to see how anyone could be blown away by it

3471d ago
forevercloud30003471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Thats funny. I have been playing the Demo as if it were the real game for the past few weeks and I think the graphics are top notch when compared to it's immediate competition(GTAIV,SR2, Prototype). Its odd to have one Reviewer praise it for one reason, then have another condemn it for the very same.

The game looks astonishing, immersive, and it is just plain fun.
So slightly less then great graphics warrants a game to drop to a 8.5? Whenever I see an 8.5 I can't help but not take the review seriously. It is such a typical score that it just gets slapped on to any game that is not hyped but still is good.

Now the review is written fairly well, it noted all the key points. Yet graphics alone should not deduct 1.5 from the score.

This game should be 9-9.2+ easy...

EDIT @ Snazz27
What I mean is the game looks f'ing fantastic.......for a sandbox game. We really couldn't(or shouldn't expect) a game such as this one pull off Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2 graphics. That is just ridiculous. The game is extremely vibrant with colors, unique to typical city landscape depictions(NY City) and create's it's own vibe.

Now the blur is understandable. It is used to mask pop in(the reviewers other issue) and creates this smokey and poluted city feel. I have noticed very little pop in in the demo. THat may just be the demo but other reviewers such as IGN have also stated it is very minimal. You wanna see a game with massive pop in and blur filters? Play Mass Effect and GTAIV. Mass Effect(as brilliant as the game is) has serious pop in issues. Yet when MS got reviewed, no one said a word really about the pop in.

Ironic, no?

snaz273471d ago

im glad you enjoy the demo... but one bit of your comment confuses me slightly... so say that you think the graphics are top notch... but then you go on to say, "so slightly less than great graphics", which is it top notch ala killzone 2 or slightly less than great? ok killzone i understand is totally different and you wont get that quality yet in a sandbox game, and to me all graphics really are good this gen... but i think your right in saying they slightly less than great... i dont know maybeits all the amazing graphics like uncharted 2 etc that are taking the shine off infamous... but that much pop in and blur it could do without i think.

zoneofenders3471d ago

well this is a PS3 exclusive. So it will get point deducted for trivia problem.
a touch

HighDefinition3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I just think that`s a ridculous reason.

a 8.5 is great.

BTW, people need to chill w/ this fanboy sh!t, I own a PS3 and 360. Just cause some one enjoys one thing more than the other doesn`t mean their a fanboy.

raztad3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )


Well, point is they are using the "less than stellar graphics" to lower inFAMOUS score more than they should. I guess those reviewers will always find a flaw to score ps3 games down. When KZ2 came out the excuse was: it's not innovating enough (cause graphics are unparalleled console-wise), and now inFAMOUS is a top notch game gamplay-wise (fun, exciting, innovative, genre blending) and conveniently all those factors are not that important, graphs is what really matters.

-1.5 cause graphics are not THAT stellar? compared with what? KZ2? Double standards. Nuff said.

sonarus3471d ago

PS3 is a powerful machine and developers are responsible for getting as much out of it as they can. I haven't played the demo but from videos infamous looks way better than porototype as far as graphics go. I hear it has some jaggies though which is something sucker punch could have worked on instead of going gold a full month before the game was ready to release.

Best lookin open world game belongs to a glitchy buggy game called assasins creed, infamous is 2nd place and GTA4 graphics are good but not as nice as infamous. GTA4 graphics are better than prototype though

CaseyRyback_CPO3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

1. "Are they 100% perfect?"

that question is never asked for 360 games, hence why games like mass effect get shrugged off as "Flawed Gems"

Its ps3 folk, u guys should be used to it by now. I'd love to see a sandbox game that looks better than infamous on a console.

Lets see how non-disappointed they are with the low polygon prototype worlds.. because they aren't going to compare it to perfection.

TheExecutive3471d ago

actually I popped in GTA just to see and the GTA universe is much much more busy and alive. It also has less pop-in but a worse framerate. All in all they are pretty equal in my book.

IrishRepublicanArmy3471d ago

the really low scored reviews that seek pure attention will be posted???

Blaze9293471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

here we go again. Same thing happened with Killzone 2, anything less than a 9 "OMG THEY ARE BIASED AND MICROSOFT PAYED THEM!"

Just stop it. I have to agree with deadlyliquidx, stop being blind fanboys. Its just ONE opinion. You may think the game desrves a 10, other may not. Is this gonna happen for every ps3 game that comes out now? sheesh.

Acting like a 8.5 is a bad score. Its always "they have to find reason not to like it because its a ps3 exclusive". All of those interested are still gonna go out and buy the game anyway

HighDefinition3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

8.5 is a great score, it`s just a ridiculous reason.

[email protected]: Didn`t AC have different sections w/ load times, InFAMOUS I`m fairly sure streams w/ no loads. I could be wrong though. If I`m not, it`s a bit different. And YES Farcry 2 looked great on the PC.

snaz273471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

forever cloud, yeah i know and i did say that its obviously impossible to get the killzone 2 graphics in a sandbox game... but i just didnt see why buildings across the street had blur? and i did notice quite abit of pop in... also i hated the way when on the train the camera shock around all over the place, anyway i probably would get it, buit id wait till its cheap... did you find him sticking to things like glue abit annoying?.... raztaz yeah thats a good point totally and i agree if they are going to review something and praise it highly in all other areas apart from graphics they shouldnt knock that much off, but really to me i dont care about review scores, and for the demo i played i would say 8.5 is about fair, nothing i saw was like "wow i cant believe that just happened"

Montrealien3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Game looks great, game plays great, and the draw in for open world games is disapointing for the generation as a whole on both consoles, and this game does have some. Having to prove as a fact that this game looks better then others is a sign of (enthusiasm) though.

I just got mine and will be playing it tonight at home, can`t wait. However I have a question that someone with more technical know how may be able to answer for me. What is up with no AA and 720p on the PS3 first parties? It does not mater really but is it a technical thing about the PS3 that it wont even give us an upsacale? With that said this game is easily one of the must buys this year and a true game of the year contender, but where are my 1080p games!?

BLuKhaos3471d ago

Man don't waste your time trying to teach these weak minded fools because me and you both know this game is a hit.

forevercloud30003471d ago

What you fail to realize is that PS3 fans are not irritated at the fact this man has a different opinion then us. Most of us are set on buying the game regardless becuase it looks great. The issue is PS3 games are always singled out with a particular flaw that is glazed over on other consoles. Why is that? Why is it that points can be deducted for pop in in one game, but seemingly not phase another? GTAIV is praised for its graphics by most reviewers as well.....sooooo how does Infamous look bad then? It looks on the same level if not better then GTA.

These are the trifles that irritate me so much when it comes to reviews. It really irks me to think that someone who was unsure about the game will end up reading these reviews only to be putt off on the game after.

phosphor1123471d ago

"The cityscape is beautiful, and free of load times and pop-ups."

Hmm...IGN said pop-ups were noticeable, but only happened in the distance, while on a train or such.

Ghoul3471d ago


it looks absolutly awesome for a sandbox freeroaming game, the framerate is nice too.

have played it all day and its absolutly fantastic.

Ju3471d ago

@Soda, that's possibly the worst inFamous shot you could find, hah ? Couldn't you have used one where he actually stands on top of a building, shooting down flashes and then capture the exploding cars and such, because that is what inFamous is about, not a still shot of a wall of a building.

cmrbe3471d ago

1 point down for not looking like KZ2, even though this game is a sandbox game.

.5 down for being a PS3 exclusive as other PS exxclsuives have set the bar too high already.

So in other words. If this game was exclsuive on the x360 or the wii it would have gotten a near ten.

Some media will still not give PS3 exclusive due credit.

i_like_ff73471d ago

Assassin's Creed. Voila.

GiantEnemyCrab3471d ago

@1.9: That Sony media bias stuff is not flying anymore. Not after the excellent scores PS3 games have been getting and the horrible scores 360 games have gotten this year. I mean EVERY SINGLE 360 game has not scored above a 7(sans DLC). So please spare the lame excuses because only PS3 fanboys are buying that line anymore.

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Mr Fancy Pants3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )


Then what about GTAIV?" Worst graphics ever? Isn't inFamous a sandbox game that looks too incredible for a sandboxgame?

From what I have played the game looks insanely good! Even better than most X360 games that aren't sandbox style...

ptotoy3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

all look better than gta 4.. haha.. but infamous electricutes them all.. the only sandbox game that look better than infamous is far cry 2, but that game had loading and no buildings/verticality, just open fields, which does not require as less memory.

deadreckoning6663471d ago

U guys r nuts, anyone who thks Infamous surpasses GTA4 in any department is dellusional and this is coming from a PS3 fanboy. Why do u guys give us PS3 only owners a bad name by saying that this game is better than GTA4...really. GTA4 got a 10 from Gamespot for a REASON, GTA4 got a 10 from IGN for a REASON, GTA4 was the best-selling game of 08 for a REASON. If u guys are inta this game, by all means buy it. As for me, ill be ranking up in Killzone 2 until Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain(real PS3 exclusives) come out.

d0nT wOrrY3471d ago

C'mon, inFAMOUS is decent game and 8.5 is great, also 9.2 from IGN.
but that's your opinion. GTA get boring when you beat it, there's nothing to do anymore, MP is boring too for me.

raztad3471d ago

GTA4 is just a pile of boredom. Sorry to say that, but it just not a fun game at all. inFAMOUS is much better than GTA4 in any department. All those reviews of GTA4 calling it an outstanding game were plain lies, and everybody felt for it. Pure hype and zero fun that is the proper definition of GTA4, and to think that Vice City on the psp was so fun. Gonna get LCS to get some gta fix.

Shane Kim3471d ago

STFU deadreckoning. WaaaaaaaH iM a Pz3 oWneRz. WaaaaaaH, yOu gIvEz uZ A bAd nAmeZ. You are a 360 fanboy acting like a PS3 owner so STFU.

GiantEnemyCrab3471d ago

"From what I have played the game looks insanely good! Even better than most X360 games that aren't sandbox style..."

As someone who owns both.. Get your eyes checked. NO flipping way!

I LOL AT U3470d ago

Gameplayer suck, they are the most biased site on the internet. They will be closed down in 6 months for trying to ruin Sony

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DA_SHREDDER3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

They are just trying to lower the metacritic rating man. Just ignore it. Dont worry though, we all know its a AAA ps3 exclusive, just make sure you buy it man. We need to support these devs that keep making hits like this.

LOL. I Like the way they have the metacritic icon right underneath the score. Hahahha. BTW, the only sites Ive seen give this game a score lower then a 9 are all from Australia. Weird.

BTW, they gave UFC disputed a 9/10. That just goes to show you that they have a hard time distinguishing a game that is worth $65 bucks or not. These 3rd world sites don't ever cease to amaze me. :)

HighDefinition3471d ago

If they gave it a 5, I`d still buy it.

It`s just stupid.

3471d ago
Daz3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

ufc is a great game you just hating because your loving console exclusive didnt get a 9 or higher from some site ;p

But remeber its one man opinion maybe two.

DA_SHREDDER3471d ago

Okay, first off I watch UFC regularly. I love the sport as much as the next guy, but to call me a fanboy because this game didn't get the score I think it deserves just proves that your the one that is biased. You dont think the game deserves any better because you haven't played it, and its not on your preferred system. I only played the demo, and it was more fun then any full fledged game Ive played since God of War (excluding shooters cause thats a whole different genre and discussion all together).

I too have to disagree with the review. He drops the score 1.5 points simply because he thinks the graphics are poor, and the pop in is way too noticeable? "The Infamous engine suffers from a considerable amount of object pop-in, a problem that developer Sucker Punch has bravely tried to mask with a blurry depth of field effect. Rabid fans might argue that this has no bearing on the gameplay experience – but they’d be wrong, or overly optimistic. Walking down a street and watching parked cars and people materialise barely twenty metres away is very disconcerting and it jolts you out of the experience quicker than electrodes on your nipples. Similarly, there are times when you’ll want to take potshots at some not-too-distant junkies only to have your targets partially obscured by the murkiness" That is the exact quote, now tell me something. When Gears of War 2 suffered from severe pop in and messed up online, did it stop this piece of a crap site to drop it 1.5 points? At least in inFamous its hardly noticeable. This article is about as relevant as the country it was made in. LOL.

DelbertGrady3471d ago

Why would you compare a sandbox game like INFamous to a sports game like UFC? Doesn't make sense.

table3471d ago

you think australia is a 3 world counry? LMAO! People please stop complaining about the score. Not every site is going to give it 9+. They gave their reasons for 8.5 and it is fair enough. An 8.5 is great score.

DMasta7183471d ago

And we're comparing inFamous to UFC Disputed cause?

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lloyd_wonder3471d ago

Great score. Great review. Picking it up Tuesday.

Etseix3471d ago

silly rabbit, trix is 4 kidz! ;D

oh wait.... we arnt talking about cereal right? :p