Game sales slump: Blame the games

The video game industry is going through some tough times. When NPD Group released video game sales data for April last week, the results were disheartening.

Resident Evil 5 is one of the few major hits in 2009.

According to NPD, total industry revenue was down 17 percent, year over year. Software sales for the month were down 30 percent, compared to April 2008. Wii sales were off 43 percent, PS3 sales slumped by 42 percent, and Xbox 360 sales were down 47 percent, compared to 2008.

So what happened? Is the video game industry finally being affected by the recession? It's possible that it has some impact. But I don't think there's any better reason for the decline than the games themselves.

If the games aren't compelling, consumers won't be buying.

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Nelson M3471d ago

Just Blame the Xbox Games
They are not only non Existent
They are also Crap

Green Lantern23471d ago

your right we can't blame the ps3 games we can blame the owners lol flopzone 1.1 worldwide that bad for a halo killer.

GiantEnemyCrab3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

You know I hate you. You are probably in my top 5 biggest douchebag list for N4G and I wish nothing but ill will twords you.

But I have to agree MS games this year have been bad. Halo Wars was the only game worth a crap and well the DLC... I would take a full game over DLC anyday.

phew, back to ignore for you.

360isgreat3471d ago

Sorry but 59.99 for games isnt going to do well... Only reason sales stayed high was cause of xmas...