Aliens vs Predator detailed with first trailer and screenshots

An update on Rebellion's Aliens vs Predator game is coming very soon.

Soon, as in just over an hour away. SEGA is teasing a sneak peak at the upcoming Aliens vs Predator, with new screenshots, information and a trailer for the game.

[UPDATE] - The first details and trailer are in. Firstly, the game is confirmed for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC for early 2010.

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Rockox3470d ago

Please please please be good....

free2game3653470d ago

Rebellion is making it. It wont be good. These are the same people who made that awful Shellshock game.

zagibu3469d ago

I give them a chance. But it will be difficult to live up to AVP2, and even harder to top it.

Major_Tom3469d ago

Rebellion are the creators of the first AvP and it's a helluva lot better than AvP2. You guys are the second generation of AvP fans, before it was cartoony it was realistic before it was slow pace action it was fast and testing.

ThanatosDMC3469d ago

This will be the best multiplayer game if it surpasses AVP2! Cant wait for more info, gameplay vids, etc about the game.

zagibu3469d ago

@Major_Tom: The first AVP was groundbreaking, that's true. It was also differently balanced than its successor (the predator was VERY tough). Also, it had an interesting twist with the destructible lights (the trick was to destroy around half the lights, so that the marines couldn't see very good with or without night-vision). Also, the explosion effects were very cool, certainly the first of their kind.
But it simply lacked levels to be great in MP. And you have to agree, that all the additions in AVP2 only increased the fun (alien lifecycle, anyone?).
I also think the SP mode was a lot better in AVP2. The first marine levels were simply awesome, and I liked how the three "campaigns" (marine, alien, predator) sometimes crossed paths.

I didn't remember that rebellion made AVP, though, so my hopes just increased significantly. I still play survival mode in AVP from time to time.

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Silly gameAr3470d ago

Screenshots look incredible, better than I thought the game would look. Need to see some gameplay but I'm pretty excited about this game.

Hildor_muthafo3470d ago

Can't wait to get back into some AVP!

Johnny Cullen3470d ago

The screens and trailer looks so good.

Seriously, I cant wait to see how good this game has the potential to be.

techie3470d ago

Looking very good! I want to be the Alien :)

Th3 Chr0nic3470d ago

This could be big folks. ive been waiting on something on this scale for a loooongggg time

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The story is too old to be commented.