Diablo 3 Runes & Skills Combinations Revealed

Diablo 3 feature a new system that is called "Rune Skill System" where you can attach runes to skills (sockets) and alter the skills functionality. We have collected the possible known list of rune and skill combinations from Diablo III videos, forums, community, screenshots and other sources...

Read more about which Diablo III runes fits into different skills combinations!

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BRG90003471d ago

Sounds like Glyphs were successful in WoW so they're bringing the concept to Diablo? Sounds good to me.

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DiffusionE3471d ago

Don't worry, take your time. Take all the time you need. We'll just be anxiously waiting over here, chewing our fingernails off in anticipation, not that you'd care anyway. BAH!