IncGamers: MMO WEEKLY 20/05

Catch up with Jeff Hollis' popular MMO Weekly, discussing kids MMOs this week.

"Of course, I'm referring to MMOs that are oriented towards kids. As a gaming journalist with a penchant for MMOs, I've covered nearly every virtual world in existence. I've interviewed the developers, gone to the conventions, perused the press kits, played the demos, and basically run the gamut of MMO games. Despite this inundation with all things online and virtual, a lot of these games have even flown below my radar."

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thetamer3468d ago

I had an idea there were kids MMOs out there, but has anyone heard of penguins? that's an awesome one.

Leord3468d ago

Lots of kiddie games indeed :)

AndyA3468d ago

Never really paid attention to kids' MMOs. Good article.

Leord3468d ago

Yeah, love Jeff holis' writing. is his little mmo blog that is quite good fun :)

Maticus3468d ago

So many Kid's MMOs these days.

Fyzzu3468d ago

Didn't realise there were so many of these things out there. Which I'm quite thankful for, come to think of it.

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