Consoles to go 'the way of the dodo,' says Spielberg

Movie legend Steven Spielberg has predicted that gaming consoles are on their way out, believing 3D gaming and virtual reality will step forward and become the "new platform for our gaming future".

Speaking during an interview with The Guardian, Spielberg said that traditional gaming platforms, just like that of old "videogame parlours," will inevitably go "the way of the dodo bird."

"Now we're all playing at home and someday we'll be playing directly on our TV sets, bypassing all of the platforms," he commented.

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TOO PAWNED3467d ago

Yawn, when was last time you made a movie worth watching?

Number 93467d ago

Saving Private Ryan (1998) (producer)

Honestly that was the most recent movie of his that was worth watching. =)


lociefer3467d ago

i think he needs to get rid of his aliens fetish b4 tryin to comment on anything

WhittO3467d ago

lol @TOO PAWNED, so true, hes so up himself!

I think it will a while before we are "playing in Virtual reality"

bomboclaat_gamer3467d ago

why u guys getting all personal. he is just talking about gaming consoles here. i know ima get disagrees but i dont give a F. some of u need to really get a life.

do not take an attack on games personal. grow the f**k up

PrimordialSoupBase3467d ago

Minority Report.

Though, I refuse to let go the fact that he molested Kubrick's AI into a Haley Joel Osment suckfest.

xwabbit3467d ago

Hey worked on Transformers and Transformers 2. Those not good movies ?

Tito Jackson3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Those are fantastic movies. People just like to talk sh*t. We could ask them the same thing: When was the last time they made a good movie? lol. Its not like they are well-known movie critics, who went to Film School----no, they are just kids on N4G.

Spielberg is awesome. And he didn't say that we would drop our consoles anytime soon, he just believes that it WILL eventually happen. And you know what? My TV can stream Netflix movies AND play youtube vids(WITHOUT IT BEING CONNECTED TO MY COMPUTER--GEE WHIZ!) And its still thin as hell. Did we think that we would be doing this 10 years ago? No. But Jim Henson, another legend, did. Theres a youtube video, where he talks about Streaming Media, High Definition TVs, and more. I'll try to find it, and post it up.

Downtown boogey3467d ago

Sony's got it under control :)

Rainstorm813467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

He has been in on at least 3-5 great movies every decade since the 70's
from close encounters of the 3rd kind to jaws to ET to Saving private ryan to War of the world to Transformers..not to mention he owns Dreamworks which is replacing Pixar for CG movies (Shrek or Monsters vs Aliens anyone?) he is great at what he does.

What he isnt great at is Video Games. I never liked metal of honor and spielberg recently said he regrets selling the franchise to EA. Him commenting on the video game industry is like Will Smith commenting on Gangster Rap. Personally i think he feels the video game industry breathing down the neck of the movie industry.

3467d ago
Jellzy3467d ago

Whilst i agree with your thoughts on Spielberg, i personally think that PIXAR is the greater of the two animation studio's. Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nemo etc are all better than the Shrek films. Other than the first Shrek i didnt find the sequels all that funny or entertaining at all.

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General Pinky3467d ago

We don’t care what the hell he has to say about video games...let him just stick with his sh*tit movies...
I don’t get when people like him come and talk about video games..
Like that mug talking about GTA being bad and sh*t...don’t talk about video games don’t play them or make them...
And for the people that are up this guys come out from there...see the light...

ZuperAmazingCooKie3467d ago

And he is not the first to say it. I thought about it too. It is only natural to move towards convergence. Eventually upgrading your PC will be irrelevant thanks to cloud computing

aussieracer3467d ago

You're a douchebag Spielberg...You're not a gamer, all your attempts at entering the gaming world have been a flop, and you know nothing about the gaming industry. That is such a "noob" thing to say. The gaming industry is so much more complex and has so much more depth to it than the movie industry. You do not understand gamers or the industry. Don't try to make yourself out to be an expert in this field. If gaming will be directly played on TV sets bypassing all platforms, how on earth do you think each tv set manufacturer will pass on that. What would Sony say about that? Who exactly would be "decided upon" to be the manufactuer/provider that makes this possible? Wow, what a joke! Gaming thrives on both competition and cooperation between different developers, publishers, and platform providers. Gaming will wither to absolute mediocrity if what you say came true, and the gaming industry would not be the incredible force it is today.

cherrypie3467d ago

Spielberg is an idiot. You cant have VR games running on _NOTHING_. Whatever form the games take, they'll *always* need hardware. That hardware *is* the "platform."

You cant bypass the "platforms" any more than you can by-pass your PC to read this website.

What a dodo.

DMasta7183467d ago

Looks like some people's feelings were hurt.

SaiyanFury3467d ago

Frankly, Spielberg is coming across as someone who's industry is being buried by gaming. More people nowadays spend more money on gaming than going to the movies. At least that's from what I've gleamed from various sources. Lord knows I spend most likely about 500+ dollars every year on games, likely more, and I spend less than 30 per year going to the movies, simply because there's never anything coming out that I want to see. Star Trek was the first movie I'd gone to see in over 10 months. That just shows my lack of interest in Hollywood. And "virtual reality"? Please. VR was buried back in the mid 1990s. Jump into the present already. Games aren't going anywhere and have already cemented themselves as the main form of entertainment for a huge amount of people.

primordialmeme3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Minority Report is a very underrated movie.

ReservoirDog3163467d ago

@Number 9

he directed saving private ryan and won best director at the academy awards


pixar are the best and will always be the best. Dreamworks, with their barely funny movies that try too hard, don't have a chance to ever beat the timeless quality that pixar movies like wall-e and toy story have.


Munich was the last movie he directed worth watching

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Blitzed3467d ago

but he craeted the Medal of Honour franchise.

Rockox3467d ago

..and he has completely forgotten how to end a movie well. Minority Report, Artificial Intelligence and War of the Worlds (not even commenting on Indy 4) could have been awesome had they ended 15 minutes before they did.

Blitzed3467d ago

War of the Worlds started out so great and then went to sh!t. I was so disappointed.

VasiliasNtaHs3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Since when did he become a videogames industry expert?

Oh...I forgot, since his movie-making skills went the way of the dodo

Smacktard3467d ago

Oooooooh. Ice-burn. Hahaha, awesome. Bubbles.

madpuppy3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

blah, what happened to the magic he and Lucas used to pump out in the 80's? Spielberg went from making fun popcorn action films to movies that are social commentaries that try to convey a "meaning" beyond just being enjoyable. And when they try to do something that is just fun, they screw it up.

I think that Spielberg should just stick to producing and stay away from the camera.
as for Lucas, start making games that people WANT to play again. you know? all those original, innovative games that made Lucasarts such a great company.

Rockox3467d ago

No need to drag The Main Man JBJ and Richie Sambuca into this...

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Droid Control3467d ago

Doesn't me make rubbish indiana jones movie sequals?

Thanks spillageburg, but i'll wait on word from M$ and sOny...

Foxgod3467d ago

He made all indiana jones movies, not just the sequels.

ironwolf7773467d ago

"Now we're all playing at home and someday we'll be playing directly on our TV sets, bypassing all of the platforms," he commented.

I'm sure he's gonna be right in about 30 years.
I'm also sure he thought E.T. on Atari kicked some ass.