Sony Refusing to Comment on trICO

GOONL!NE: Sony are sticking firm and are refusing to comment on trICO after the first video leaked this morning.

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TOO PAWNED3472d ago

Why should they comment? Why do this sites keep on asking stupid questions?
Site:"Hey Sony, about that Trico? Tell me everything"
Sony:"Ok no prob ................."
Site:"Thanks Sony for revealing everything about Trico, now how about you send us your E3 list?"
Sony:"Sure sure i thought you would never ask, what is your Email?"

SolidAhmed3472d ago

they do not need to comment about anything specially if it is a leek footage.

so what we can wait until E3 we have waited since 2005 for the new game of team ico.

Mu5afir3472d ago

some of the "surprise" for E3.

Keith Olbermann3472d ago

I agree. Sony can stay quiet on this one until they are ready. For many of us, this is a major game and it looks amazing.

gamesR4fun3471d ago

no doubt its gonna b one of the best games of this gen imho
man ive seen major hollywood moovies that dont hold a candle to those graphics...
This is prob the secret game that all those guys were going on about.

Freak of Nature3471d ago

Sony's silence is like the quite before the storm....

Freak of Nature3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

No this is not that secret PS3 game... This game has been known to be in development for years now....

The game I am assuming you are talking of, was the one the BBC reporter Mr.Waters saw last year...

Hot tip of the day....Look no further than Sony London or Liverpool studios for the mystery BBC game....Big blink of the eye inserted here...

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Ninver3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

This is totally random but i have an extra inFAMOUS promotional demo code for any Sucker Punch fans out there. just pm me and the code is all yours. It is a really awesome demo. From the looks of it the retail game will be great.

All you have to do is create Aus account and access the demo from the redeem section at the top of the ps store. Happy gaming.

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slave2Dcontroller3472d ago

is already speaking for itself. I'm sure the only thing SONY is thinking is- Wait til they see what it really looks like.

GVON3472d ago

And to think it's around 17 months old

mastiffchild3471d ago

Yup, 17-18 months old is what we were thinking and it does seem about right. Thinking exactly what it looks like now, with the big possibility that this "leak" appeared now just so Sony and Team Ico can blow us all away in a few weeks is really exciting.

Ico and SotC are masterpieces in the game world-immersive, addictive and groundbreaking with consummate ease but even with great artstyle they were never graphically amazing. The new game is shaping up to put that extra string to it's bow and will be even more amazing than it once looked and I, for one, cannot wait. I just hope MS and Nintendo have the kind of teats in store for us that we alreadu KNOW Sony have-and that's even if they decide not to reveal anything new(i.e unannounced) to us!

Aggesan3472d ago

As long as they show more of a more recent build of the game at E3 I'm happy.

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