New Prototype screenshots

Activision published some new screens from Prototype. Check them out.

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Supercalifragili3469d ago

Better than inFamous? Seems so.

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snaz273469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

and well it didnt look quite as good as the screen shots... but it looked better than these screen shots... so i would say prototype will look even worse in motion however... infamous suffers from pop in, will prototype? well i guess we gotta wait till the demo to see that, also i prefer the style of prototype i think and the possibilities of what he can do... like with all the spikes coming out the ground impailing people looks pretty cool, i dont know but i feel prototype may be more fun for me and more up my street... but the other guy is right if you have a ps3 its win win... whichever style you like... hell even get both.

Sky Zero3469d ago

Looks like these screenshots aren't from the 20% build everyone seems bash Prototype over.

Looking better looks like they've been smoothing and mellowing out the environment and vehicle models.

Better lighting and more detail.

You can tell that the explosions, fire, and smoke have been worked on too.

Sampson7123469d ago

The game is looking good, as always.

biilonjinjy3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

hey guys the name's Tiago im kind of new to these parts but i just wanted 2 say that from all the videos,traillers and screenshots i've seen i think that prototype is and will be batter then infamous..not trying to offend anyone who likes infamous but 2 me it looked like they were trying 2 copy prototype but with a difrent story and difrent powers and stuff like that but it did'nt work out as it was supposed 2,but that dose'nt matter my vote's still on prototype