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anh_duong3496d ago exports to the uk.

Mindboggle3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Very bad move...PS3 and 360 games usually sale on par with each other in the UK, and when its a sports game they usually sale more on PS3, so its very bad move...

I could understand it if it was in europe to shift some more 360s but why UK when theres an equal install base. Just doesnt make sense.

Anyway I saw the game on GTTV and wasnt that bothered, its more a farse than a real game. Ill just get it for the Wii anyway if I really wanted it.

I really cant see anyone really caring about this anyway. This game is probably going to bomb on everything but Wii anyway.

crazy-eyez-killah3495d ago

Its lucky that Tony Hawk sucks now........or I might be annoyed.

Rock Bottom3495d ago


So it will be available in other countries but not in the UK? someone doesn't know PS3 is region free.

leila013495d ago

What a great loss for PS3 only owners in the UK. I'm sure they're running a warm bath and reaching for the razor as we speak.


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table3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

It wasn't Ataris choice on Ghostbusters. SONY sort of bullied them into it lol.

@below: Atari would have wanted it to release on both consoles simultaneously. Just remember, when MS and SONY do these things, they are not doing it out of the kindness in their hearts.

anh_duong3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

are you being sarcastic?? because if you aren't..

sony bullied atari into publishing the game??? are you serious??? think about what you just said there... how do you think sony did this??

erm.. let me see:

SONY: here, phil harrison, take some money to help you publish the game because you just sold your european publishing and distribution dept and are unable to publish the game - thereby running the risk of getting sued by the developer..

PHIL HARRISON: sony please stop bullying me. i don't want your money... i rather not distribute the game or receive any money..

think about your logic there..

EDIT ABOVE: atari can't just sit on assets that they can't distribute because they didn't have the capacity.. wouldn't make any economic sense.

honestly, i can't believe someone like you would make such a silly comment.

it was a business decision that both parties benefited (atari couldn't publish the game and were running out of money and sony were already marketing the ghostbuster anniversary) and for you to say that sony forced atari to sell the publishing rights then clearly you must be one of the dumbest person in N4G. it is a seriously stupid comment.

table3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

when did i say sony forced them? I said that they sort of bullied them i.e. SONY wanted it to happen and Atari had no choice but to let it happen. The position of power was always with SONY.

Edit: lol ok man. you win. but it wasn't a stupid comment there is some truth to what I said.

anh_duong3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

so where did you get this bullied idea from?

does that mean whenever ms pays for exclusivity/exclusive distribution rights it is bullying the developers/publisher?? of course not.. both ms and their couterparties benefit..

think about your logic there... when companies strike deals both parties tend to benefit - this is the whole basis of market economics.. it's like macdonalds doing deal with dreamworks for happy meals..

jeez.. some people will continue to argue when they know they are wrong.. sony bullying atari?!!?? absurd..

stupid comment just accept it..

pain777pas3495d ago

Microsoft probably thinks that the new board is so innovative and all that. They are predictable and I feel passionless about gaming. Who cares about this game being exclusive I certainly don't and won't be buying it unless I hear from GAMERS that its good.

whoelse3495d ago

Skate or Tony Hawk, Skate or Tony Hawk...

I'll think I would choose Skate!!

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Jamie Foxx3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

to all UK ps3 owners who are tony hawk fans microsoft have no first party so this is their way drum up business, microsoft really are ruining gaming, from defective consoles,to dvd9 to timed 3rd party exclusives or DLC microsoft are comical

Ninver3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Hey Jamie, logic is not a needed commodity in the gamer zone nowadays so i suggest you stop your truthful drivel.

Edit: obviously people are too sensitive to comprehend the sarcasm i was implying.

sack_boi3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

What Sony did with Ghost Busters or Mirrors Edge is a lot worse... but I really don't want to argue with you anyway, your PS3 friends will back you up and start attacking me personally...

Don't get me started on the PS2 era...

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jessehaysfl3496d ago

This game should be xbox exclusive worldwide....because its a dumb idea that isint going to work let alone sell.

Who here can really do a varial flip 360? can you do it in your living room on a borad with no wheels while watching a tv that is five feet from you?

pain777pas3495d ago

@ Jamie the voice of reason. Seriously these guys are amateurs. Who would want this game or pay for exclusivity its never been a coveted franchise its everyones whore and you'd buy that to say that you brought a board in side the house like WII fit or something cause that will be the spin that they are competing with the big N. I mean this makes no sense. M$ has no clue and if they think that giving up potentially the best RPG dev in Bioware is not going to end up biting them later they better think again.

kaveti66163495d ago

"Zomg, hahah, the PS3 gets this as an exclusive. haha, another great game for us PS3 classy gamers, haha. Those dumb xbots. Tony Hawk is teh best. Wait, it's exclusive on teh 360? Zounds!!!! Ah, hahaha, that means it's going to suck. Tony Hawk sucks teh big one. Hahaha. Infamous is better than Tony Hawk, and so is Valkyria Chronicles. Valkyria chronicles is teh super awesome. I hear that all five people who played it think it's the greates RPG ever. 360 sucks. Tony Hawk sucks. Teh PS3 is teh future. Game teh Beyond, you xbots. Time for me to go post another list of all teh awesome PS3 games coming out some time soon, and then bash all teh 360 games. Looosers!!!. Hahaha, me is a classy gamer."

That's what you sound like, Dirty Beaver.

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ape0073496d ago

tony hawk works best with DS3,bad move

DelbertGrady3496d ago

This game is played with a skateboard peripheral.

sack_boi3496d ago

That's just your opinion, ape. And I respect it

jessehaysfl3496d ago

there is no controller support for this game. so no DS3

anh_duong3496d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

sack_boi for the risk of repeating myself i think you got your facts wrong regarding the ghostbusters affair:

this is my understanding of how things panned out regarding the ghostbuster affair:

only reason sony published ghostbuster was because atari pulled out of europe having sold their publishing/distributing european division to namco..

in fact atari are in dire financial straits having also just pulled out of e3.. and would have been unable to make its obligation for the distribution of ghostbusters in europe.

ghostbuster was always going to be delayed in europe until a new publisher was found..

sony stepped in to help atari (who they had a good relationship with through phil harrison).. sony could afford to pay for the publishing of ghostbuster because they already owned the movie - this meant marketing cost was minimal..

so whatever the outcome, the xbox/wii version of ghostbuster would have been delayed in europe..

why do i know this? david gardner (ceo of atari) used to be my boss at Electronic Arts

Lumbo3495d ago


not only that, Ghostbusters has an anniversary this year, so Sony did certainly NOT want to miss out on the game in Europe when they re-release the movie and already have marketing in place for the event. So it is understandable they rather paid for it to distribute it themselves than seeing it not release at all this year.

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Omega43496d ago

Seems a bit random, but somehow i doubt this has anything to do with MS cause why would they JUST choose the UK

SuperM3495d ago

Maybe MS is running low on funds, they wanted a timed exclusive worldwide but they could only afford the uk.

Lou-Cipher3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

"Seems a bit random, but somehow i doubt this has anything to do with MS cause why would they JUST choose the UK"

With Microsoft Losing Money and laying people off, they are probably not willing to spend alot of money on complete exclusive games, so they have to resort to spending a little bit of money for things like, timed DLC, Regional timed exclusives, and even regional exclusive box art.

Without a good 1st & 2nd Party, Microsoft has to do stupid things like this so they can at least try to claim that they have the upper hand against Sony's Games. HAHAHA

They will probably just try and trick everybody in to believing that it is a worldwide exclusive anyway.(they wouldn't sell many consoles if they weren't amazing at tricking their consumers)

Q: What does Microsoft do better than making hardware?
A: Tricking people in believing that their hardware is safe and reliable.

Q: What does Microsoft do better than Xbox Live?
A: Tricking people into believing that they should pay $50 for 2-3 extra features.

Q: What does Microsoft do better than making games?
A: Tricking people into believing that Multiplatform games are exclusive, and Tricking people into believing that timed DLC is exclusive, and tricking people into believing that their 1st party games look and sound equally as good as PS3's 1st & 2nd party games when they clearly do not.

FreestyleBarnacle3496d ago

Where's my Activision give 65 million people the finger story?

Please don't take that comment too seriously.

Jamegohanssj53496d ago

It was seriously funny. Bubbles matey.


Shane Kim3496d ago

But I'm serious. I would love to see those articles. Oh I forgot, that only works if Sony does it.

Ninver3496d ago

Apparently that logic only applies when Sony performs a similar move. The days of respectable journalism is over. I repeat OVER!

anh_duong3496d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

double post

leila013495d ago

Surely Microsoft/Activision is aware that the PS3 is region free?

Perkel3495d ago

it's not region free but publishers don't protect with region lock.

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