iPhone Otaku: First look at Zenonia RPG on iPhone

Considering the wealth of classic RPGs are Nintendo based, Zenonia is precisely what iPhone gamers need - the return of the action role player with a strong fantasy element. But despite its retro styling, Zenonia is far from basic. It leverages the iPhone's capabilities superbly well, while keeping to its manga-styled 'wanpaku' lineage very faithfully.

You'll be able to choose from three different character classes before embarking on your epic quest, which takes you through a host of side quests along with the main storyline mission at the core of Zenonia. And no RPG would be complete without an extensive inventory, so it's great to see that Zenonia packs in a wealth of items, weaponry, magic, enhancements and other useful objects to add depth to your quest. These items can be combined to deliver unique properties or to upgrade their abilities, and being split up into five classes, this makes for an extensive inventory.

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Hobgoblin3467d ago

Nice picture! Hope she's in the game ;-)

Avenged Sevenfold3467d ago

I hope not, she looks scawee!

iTaku3467d ago

I think she must be the evil version :-)