Leaked Trico footage is real, talk casts doubt on E3 reveal

VG247: "VG247 has it on cast iron authority that the Trico footage leaked overnight is real.

Strict anonymity surrounds the information.

The footage, as has now been widely speculated, is over a year old.

We've also been told this morning that the game may not sufficiently advanced enough for an E3 reveal."

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Legendary-Status3494d ago

No wanted a E3 I love the Team ICO Games...

trancefreak3494d ago

Maybe we'll get a surprise @ e3. E3 always has surprises.

locos853494d ago

They will reveal. They just want to surprise us.

Gambit073494d ago

I'm guessing PSLS & Sony are in this together, about the trailer being a "leak", they probably made it look like a leak to start the buzz for the eventual reveal at the conference, a pretty efficient technique I'd say.

beavis4play3494d ago

playstation fans (including myself) have been begging for info on this game for months.

siyrobbo3494d ago

maybe its to tease people and say this is what it looked like a year ago, and look at it now......... and really blow everyone away

DeforMAKulizer3494d ago

Im really astonished as to how Sev had the guts to post the vid...
Sev if you are reading this, wont you get into deep deep deep trouble with Sony? I mean as in lose all credibility from them?
Sure you gained our trust, but i mean people at Sony are gonna be severely pissed right now....
Anywho, thanks a lot for the vid!!!! I love it! Really emotional!

donator3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Eh, if Sony was mad they would have pulled the video off youtube by now. But then again, everyone probably downloaded it to their computer by now.

gumgum993494d ago

as will I

*strokes his fake chinese beard*

this game is gonna rock

happyface3494d ago

I have a feeling that leaked trailer has Sony really mad

they prob wanted that to be their big E3 trailer for the end

artgamer3494d ago

Nope, they would want to show a newer build for E3 if that was the case.
And this trailer is so epic it will still be big if its shown at E3

Downtown boogey3494d ago

ICO is so absurd... Their games are like... Absurd art. Too absurd for me!

Must buy

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The story is too old to be commented.