PSN Subscription Fee Possible?

Colin McFedran at writes: "Rumblings are that Sony may be considering a PSN subscription fee.

Not a subscription fee for access and online (ala Xbox Live) but a fee that gives you all you can eat access to PSN games be they for PSP or PS3. This isn't a new idea (Sony Asia polled its customers in early 2008 about such a thing) but scuttlebutt is that they are asking AGAIN. Hmmm."

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Stinkinmushroom3468d ago

?? Did you read it? It's a subscription to have all the PSN games

I would pay for it! Knowing all the PSN games i already have, i know i would save money with a subscription.

PS: Though, i don't think it's possible cause ALL PSP games will be on the PSN.

SixTwoTwo3468d ago

If you would have read the thing you would know that this is nothing like Qore. For $10 a month Sony rents out to you 6 games. Also theres more speculation that at $20 a month you get to rent movies.

SaiyanFury3467d ago

Quite honestly, I wouldn't pay the fee. That's a personal opinion as I don't download a lot of games from the PSN, only occasionally. But if people who download many games from it saw the fee as beneficial then good for them.

SL1M DADDY3467d ago

Thinking about the hardcore gamer again. Kudos!

If they did this, you can bet I would ante up the cash for the opportunity to play the games they offer. They have some of the best arcade titles ever.

Sitdown3467d ago

Hahaha....are you serious? When did they stop thinking about the hardcore gamer?

SL1M DADDY3467d ago

They never stopped thinking about the hardcore. Unlike the other two console makers, Sony keeps the hardcore at the forefront of their thinking. That's the reason for the kudos!

PotNoodle3467d ago

SL1M, i guess that is becuase sony knows that the hardcore audience is a good one, and infact the casual isn't as big as everyone makes it out to be.

Sure, they'll sell a crap load of hardware and one or two games, but with the hardcore audience, they know they'll buy a good amount of systems and will always be buying loads of games - which is where they make their money.

So yeah, sony is just using their past experience, knowing that the hardcore is a good audience for them to stick too, but at the same time, offering a casual experience for those that want to find that experience, rarely ever overlaps.

SL1M DADDY3467d ago

Could not have said it better myself. Kudos to you as well. Bubbles.

Raz3467d ago

I'd rather pick which games I want and get 'em, rather than pay a fee and download everything that goes up @ the Store.

A $10 buffet sounds like a deal, but doesn't make a helluva lot of sense from a marketing standpoint; wouldn't developers end up losing money? And just what does 'renting' these games mean? It gets deleted after my rental period is up? Can I only play it off the PSN servers?

It all sounds a bit...well, stupid. >_>

GCNSeanFoster3467d ago

I doubt this will ever happen in the US (I hope not). Sony has things really good as they are right now. And Sony has always had a 1-up on Microsoft for offering free online gaming.

GarandShooter3467d ago

@ Raz

Think about it like a DD version of Gamefly.

barom3467d ago

Sounds like a gamefly subscription, only digital and possibly cheaper. I might jump on that.

Qui-Gon Jim3467d ago

Raz, i'm actually with you on that, except i do see how it would be appealing to other people. For people who can burn through these games quickly, a $10 monthly fee to have access to anything is a really good deal. For me, though, it's better to buy the few that i want and have them forever.

If this applied in some way to the video store, that would be awesome. It would be handy to be able to keep caught up on some of the TV shows I never get to watch (and watch them in HD to boot).

IdleLeeSiuLung3467d ago

Option 1, $7/month for 10 games out is a steal in my opinion. I still probably wouldn't sign up, since I hate recurring fees....

To put that in perspective, 2 maps for KZ2 cost you $6 and 4 maps for Halo 3 cost $10.

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RememberThe3573468d ago

This would please the hardcore to no end. : )

NJShadow3468d ago

I know the trophy whores would be on cloud 9! ^_^ But odds are, if they're real trophy whores, they already own all the PSN trophy titles anyway, ha ha.

NJShadow3468d ago

When you think about it though, aside from the ability to rent games which might be up in the air, the ability to rent and stream movies and TV shows could prove promising. Not only would the PS3 have a streaming service like Netflix, but they'd actually profit from it whereas that isn't the case with Microsoft. Not a fanboy rant, just thinking ya know?

hatchimatchi3467d ago

scuttlebutt in the navy is a drinking fountain. Back in the day to hear rumors and whatnot you'd most likely get them by hanging around the scuttlebutt. Kinda like the watercooler in most offices.

The more you know.


Soldierone3468d ago

I dont like paying monthly for things, but this idea is just awesome. Id pay to play all the games, and hell, if you threw in movies. OMG movies would just absolutely sell it for me...