Fight Night Round 4 preview at Pasta Padre

Pasta Padre has a hands-on preview with the upcoming boxing sim, Fight Night Round 4.

Excerpt: "Some of the controls have also been revamped. Landing a haymaker is the most obvious change, as now you must toss a hook while holding the right bumper. Hooks to the body are thrown by flicking the right stick to the left or right and straight and jabs to the body are done by holding the left trigger, same as in FN3. Hooks, jabs, straights and uppercuts are all thrown the same way. Now though they have done away with being able to use buttons. I heard some complaints about that but I'm actually all for it because it was abused online in FN3.

The blocking system also received a face lift, as it's actually been made easier blocking high and low. Parrying has also been cut out and rightfully so as that was the biggest complaint I heard about FN3. This makes it more of a tactical battle as now you will have to look for any opening that your opponent may provide for you as gone are the days of a drained opponent sitting in front of you in his frozen state. It's all about timing and angles now and that is very apparent from the opening bell in FN4."

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