IGN: Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast Episode 47

Welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat. Matt Casamassina, Craig Harris, Mark Bozon, and Levi Buchanan are going to waggle their way into your hearts. Seriously, this podcast is good. It's like… way better than going and doing something else for an hour. So since this one is so awesome, IGN is pretty sure you want to know the topics, right? They are:

Pre-E3 week's gigantic line-up. IGN will have huge exclusives and more coverage on Wii's hardcore titles. Check back for them soon.

The Punch-Out!! review. Too fanboy, or just not fanboy enough?

Is Virtua Tennis the Grand Slam Tennis killer?

Why Boom Blox should own everyone's soul and wallets.

Proof that bottomless is the new topless, soulful pokeraps, Craig goes to prom, and oh so much more.

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avantgarde843493d ago

IGN is teasing more stuff. Nintendo title everyone will want, next week starts the E3 stuff on IGN and the week after that expect E3 stuff everyday.

Good podcast finally.