PS3 Exclusives Will Continue To Leave The Competition Behind

Let's face it: the console war comes down to exclusive software. Everything else can be categorized as either trivial or gravy; the top-notch, must-have software that can only be played on one particular platform drives hardware sales. When Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots came out, PlayStation 3 sales spiked for two straight months. When Gears of War 2 came out later in the year, Xbox 360 sales left the other two consoles in the dust. It's just the way of the industry.

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rbluetank3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

ghost of sparta you are working hard on bring good articles... good job!!! ps3 exclusives destroy whats on the xboxs 360. kz2 melts gears2 down to the white flesh and the wii has absolutely nothing to mention on next gen visuals.

sales does not mean one game is better then the other on the gameplay and graphics....

gears1 / gears2 are the choppies and worst frame rate game i have played on nxt gen gaming so far.... they sold like 10 to 12 million combine... go figure.... sales not always paint the best picture or wii fit is king!!!

SL1M DADDY3470d ago

But I have to say, those of us who are and were familiar with the PS platforms of the past, already knew that was going to happen. Sure Sony had a rough start but then again, what of the four PS platforms did not have a rough start? They all did and yet they all did well for themselves. The PS3 will indeed produce the greatest looking games of this gen and though they may not sell like the cash cow Halo, they will sell enough to be considered profitable and prove to the developers that the PS3 is where you want to see your game as it will always look its best.

creatchee3470d ago

Have any of you idiots actually played Wii Fit? It's actually a very cool game that *GASP* helps to get you in shape - something that Killzone or Halo will never accomplish.

But of course, you'd have to tear yourselves away from your couches, computer monitors and Twinkies to see that...

Rainstorm813470d ago

We can see the truth now, as time goes on devs push the playstation products farther. As of today no game i have seen has as good of animation as uncharted. Not to mention U2:among theves and we arent even fully through year 3 of a 10 year console. Looking at games like Trico project the PS3 will be the end all when it comes to lighting animation graphics. We all buy new consoles to get to the next level of gaming and it seems PS3 is that level. How good a game is , is completelly subjective i agree. But only one systems seems to try and give us games that we have been waiting to see CG quality and the PS3 isnt there yet but its the closest of the big 3. Graphics doesnt equal a great game....but it can help a game be realized to its full potential.

As fot Wii fit being syre it is but i want more from my games if i want to do yoga ill do yoga if i want to kill some zombies aliens mercs space marines etc. or traverse beautiful landscapes then i guess wii fit wont do neither would the wii.

pain777pas3470d ago

Be real gamers guys. Nintendo Gamecube was the worst system last gen in sales but Metroid Prime was arguably one of the best games last gen in the face of MGS and Halo. Sales don't equal quality. Truth is if you really look at it whether there are me too games or not PS3 has every genre covered with the best game on their platform whether it be a shooter, arcade racer, platformer, adventure, weird flow or flower game etc..... 360 has live and hype if you want substance you'll soon find that even those poorly reviewed games like folklore and Heavenly sword will give you enough thrills to make you question this whole gen entirely.

KingME3470d ago

Exceptional post! I agree with you 100%, Bubbles up.

Saigon3470d ago

after reading the 'wow' statements above...i still beleive this was a good article...and it points out facts and not opinions...

Raz3470d ago

PS3 pwns because I own one.

No other reason is more compelling. I have it, therefore it is better than everything else out there.

Hey, might as well be honest. Screw sales and exclusives; this is about what *I* consider the best console. And I'm always right.

<removes tongue from cheek>

Guys and gals, the moral here is: as long as you're enjoying it - who gives a rat's ass? It's obviously the best console for *you*.

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odisho683470d ago

sadly the 360's lineup can't compete with the ps3's this year and it's probably going to stay that way if sony is able to put together a stellar 2010 lineup that will probably include team ico's game, GT5, Resistance 3 and most likely LBP 2...

sorry xbox fanboys but while ur waiting for alan to wake his b!tch a** up, ps3 owners will be able to enjoy the types of exclusives that made the PS2 what it of the best systems to ever exist

thewhoopimen3470d ago

Very true. The ps3 lineup is guaranteed to surpass the 360s from now on. Running on full cylinders, I'm sure Sony's 16+ First and 2nd party developers will wipe the competition's lineup 2009, 2010, 2011, essentially till the end of this console cycle.

edhe3470d ago

360: 62 titles over 1m sold mark, top is 9.6m
ps3: 31, top is 5.6m

bit of a kicker eh?

Wii: 51 titles over 1m mark, top being 44m.

Why go ps3 exclusive, honestly.

chidori6663470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )


for example this game in this video:

or this:

chidori6663470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

1.halo 3
2. gears 2
3. gears1
4. alan wait
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......................,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
,,,,,,,,,,,.................. ......
............................. ...................:)

AngryTypingGuy3470d ago

They never lost exclusive DLC. Those first three episodes will remain 360 exclusives. There will be additional ones made to be multiplatform later this year, but you'll only be able to play those first ones on the 360.