Famitsu review scores - First Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days score

The latest Famitsu review scores are now available, including the first Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days score.

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Blaze9293377d ago

i didnt even know the game was even near completion. sweet

Shnazzyone3377d ago

Holy crap... should i be excited for this kingdom hearts title?!? I was unaware before seeing this.

deadlyliquidx3377d ago

I dont watch disney movies, their kiddyness disgusts me.
Why would i play a game like kingdom hearts....

greyfox2353377d ago

been on thin ice today mister

Fernando Rocker3377d ago


I have read a lot of dumb comments before, but you sir, you win by a lot.

deadlyliquidx3377d ago

im just giving my opinions like all of you.

Green Lantern23377d ago

but you like ff characters lol they have more kiddyness then disney.

deadlyliquidx3377d ago

I dont like final fantasy nor do i enjoy turn based games in general. The only reason ill get 13 and versus is because of the graphics, believe that.

DMasta7183377d ago

So you admit you're a graphics whore?

Xandet3377d ago

For +ignorance.

Awesome score for yet another awesome KH game. I can't wait to play this on my DS, then buy a PSP when BBS releases.. hopefully by that time KHIII will be announced!

Rock Bottom3377d ago

Haven't anyone told you yet?... Opinions are not allowed here. :p

As for me, I didn't liked the idea of Disney's characters in KH at first, not because I hate them or any thing, I just didn't thought they would fit well, found out how wrong I was after playing the first KH.

Can't wait for this one.

ChickeyCantor3377d ago

Guys guys guys! chill!
HE is all man! He can't be exposed to something like this, he might get the femmenitus D=.

Cheeseknight283376d ago

Have fun getting laid when you tell your girlfriend you "hate Disney" and only buy games because "they look teh awesome."

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BlindBandit3377d ago

Just wow, 9.9 out of 10 is a must try even you don't like disney characters. can't wait to go to Chinatown in NYC & buy this game on the DSi.

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The story is too old to be commented.