Dragon Ball Wii scan

Famitsu has released the first screenshots/scan of the new Dragon Ball Wii game.

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Green Lantern23470d ago

is this a action adventure if so this can be the best DBZ game ever

qface643469d ago

no it would be the best DRAGON BALL game ever

anyways depending on how it plays and if it goes all the way to the picolo saga then i would gladly buy this

Myst3469d ago

Judging from the screenshots and what little I can see, it appears to be a platformer? I also is that Nappa in one of the screen shots? I know it's probably not, but sure looks like it...

Freakwave0033469d ago

Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his power level!?

qface643469d ago

lol o that's not nappa that's mercinary tao after the grenade explosion
i gotta admit though look alike right there

Myst3469d ago

@qface64: Ah, so that's who it is I was wondering why they had that had the picture their I seriously was thinking it might have been Nappa for a few seconds; as you can tell I didn't really fall to much into dragonball. Thank you for the clarification.

lol at the turn-out of this comment.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3469d ago

I'm glad we all care so much...

ChickeyCantor3469d ago

...dude you have blood on your hands.

Its funny how people still mess up DB with DBZ ( and never mention DBGT XD)

=) make it good, thats all we are asking for.