The 20 Greatest Games Never Made

You think Final Fantasy games take a long time to come out? No matter how long you wait, there are some games that will just never see the light of day. From obscure titles to black sheep in well-established franchises, GamePro's counting down 20 most famous (and infamous) games that were never really made.

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BlackIceJoe3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

I have always wanted to play Star Fox 2. The game was done even too. I wonder what the chances are Nintendo would put the game on the Wii. May be as a little bonus to a new Star Fox game perhaps.

I would love to see Midway seeing as they own the rights to Primal Rage make a new PR game.

A Dirty Harry game could have been fun. But Seeing as many movie based games turn out crap. Its a good thing the game never came out. Because Dirty Harry was a great movie and I would hate to see the game wreck the image of Dirty Harry.

The New Earthworm Jim game would have been great fun if it ever came out. I love the style of side-scrollers and there seems to be no new side-scrollers in a long time and if EJ ever came out I would have bought it. Because who does not want to Save Princess what's Her name.
I always thought that was funny because that is her real name.

I have been wanting to play Sonic X-treme for forever and I would even pay a pretty penny to play the build of the game. I remember years ago wanting this game so much. So like I said if Sega wants my money I would give it to them.

As for DNF I don't see my self ever playing the game but you never know stranger things have happened. But with 3DRealms and Take-Two wanting to bring the game out it could may be happen some day.

Cajun Chicken3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

There's still a new EWJ game on the way, apparently WITH Doug Tennapal on board by Interplay. Full 3D though.

darrensworld3416d ago

The thing about the Dirty Harry game is that those movies came out so long ago. If you look at the Godfather games, they're based on movies, and they're pretty damn good.

SaiyanFury3415d ago


You can still play Star Fox 2 if you play it via ROMs and emulators. I've had it for years.

Gamer60563416d ago

Wow I remember I was so psyched about Project Hammer.

deadlyliquidx3416d ago

why is that?
i want duke nukem so bad, i hope it comes out.
maybe the closing is a big PR stunt to be uncovered at E3
down to even the suing part.

Ashriel3416d ago

"this site is filled with ps3 fanboys
why is that? "

because people are bandwagon jumpers (including myself, at times like this xD)

NegativeCreep4273416d ago

but it wouldn't have been the savior of the entire gaming industry (like Super Mario Bros. was after E.T.). So now, can we all stop queefing about why DNF hasn't released yet and enjoy all the great FPS that we have now, like Killzone 2.

KidMakeshift3416d ago

Why isn't the EA Marvel fighter in the list?

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The story is too old to be commented.