GTR Interviews Voice Actor Carlos Ferro & E3 2009 Roundtable Discussion

The last show before GTR's big E3 2009 coverage happening June 1st - 4th. This week the Gamertag Radio staff had a roundtable discussion about which company will win this year at E309. Also gave our predictions on what might happen at the press conferences. Could Microsoft come back on top again? Can Sony surprise everyone with huge announcements at E3? Will Nintendo present something for the hardcore gamers cough *Zelda* cough?

Also during this year's GameNarp. Staff member Godfree & Ladyluck recorded an interview with voice actor Carlos Ferro. He has been in many games from Gears Of War, Saints Row, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland), Assassin's Creed, Godfather II & more. Carlos also gave us a hint about his next game that will be announce at E3. Can you guess which game it is?

All this and more only on GTR!

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