Gamepro: Terminator Salvation Review

While Salvation's co-op mode makes the title a bit easier to bear, it's incredibly short four-hour campaign (a miniscule nine missions) simply isn't worth the sixty dollar admission fee. While GRIN's Wanted: Weapons of Fate at least had enough innovation and flair to set itself apart from the crowd, Salvation serves up a truckload of tired "been there, done that" action cliches, topped off with repetitive levels, an incredibly frustrating health system and simply mundane gameplay.

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trancefreak3500d ago

LOl when will movie to games learn. I wont buy crap games @ any cost.

Also this subject has grown tiring gamers wont fall for a movie name in the form of poo.

- Ghost of Sparta -3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I thought the videos made it look decent enough for a rent but reading about it now, I can't help laughing about the 4 hour campaign. I won't be surprised if the movie sucks too.

PG-13 Terminator = Automated fail.