Zombie Apocalypse Coming to PSN

Via PlayStation Blog:

"Hey PlayStation World!

Greetings from Konami and Nihilistic. My name is John Slavin, one of Nihilistic's game designers on Zombie Apocalypse, the downloadable title from Konami coming to the PlayStation Network next month. I wanted to drop in and show some Zombie love to the PlayStation community and give you some previews to what you can expect to see!"

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Cajun Chicken3131d ago

Ahh, this is the OTHER zombie survival twinstick PSN game. Looking forward to this one.

JoySticksFTW3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

nuff said


I couldn't resist...

"We wanted to pay homage to the classic “big box” horror films–the true exploitation flicks that proudly exclaimed how many countries they had been banned in on their garish posters (Zombie Apocalypse has already been denied by Cero in Japan!). There would be no cell-shading or cartoon ghouls. This was to be a real stomach-turner, steeped in zombie history with little nods to the masters of the genre sprinkled throughout."

Aw yeah :)

Chubear3131d ago

... and the exclusives keep on trucking in.

Godmars2903131d ago

Since when has PSN had a twin stick zombie game?

Kleptic3131d ago

burn zombie burn is a twin stick arcade game isn't it?...i haven't played it, but I thought it was...

oh well...reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has given me all the zombie awesomeness I need for a while...

Cajun Chicken3131d ago

Not exclusive, also on XBLA apparently last time I heard. Well, when Bloodmask posted an article about it about a month ago it wasn't.
It is awfully strange how the developers are posting on the PSBlog though.

LinuxGuru3131d ago

Burn Zombie Burn isn't twin-stick ala SuperStardust has an auto-aim feature that shoots the nearest zombie when you pull the trigger. Movement is controlled with the left stick while everything else is face buttons and triggers.

MorganX3131d ago

This could be the one ...

50CALheadshot3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

looks fun

Cajun Chicken3131d ago

Welll, you knew what I meant.

LinuxGuru3131d ago

Yeah, but maybe not the lowly peons lol

DelbertGrady3130d ago

It's coming to XBLA as well. If you don't believe me check their website.

Game looks really good. Can't wait to try it out in co-op mode.

ThanatosDMC3130d ago

Online multiplayer??? SOLD!

locos853130d ago

I like. I hope its better than BZB

solidt123130d ago

A must buy and a no brainer. And it will be at a good price.

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ActionBastard3131d ago

Online 4 player co-op? Zombies? Sold.

George Sears3131d ago

Plus you get to play as Denzel Washington as well.

iHEARTboobs3131d ago

lol, that did look like Denzel Washington.

Game looks cool so far.

redsquad3131d ago

And Adam from MYTHBUSTERS too, apparently!

Awookie3131d ago

And the chick from the fast and the furious

Hockey113131d ago

And a black version of Paul Blart mall cop.

FOXDIE3131d ago

What other game has 4 players, with one girl, one black dude, and 2 white guys....hmmm

wildcat3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Good observation.

ActionBastard3131d ago

I think the brothas in both games are related or shop at the same mall. The same dress shirts and ties?! Those have got to be the unluckiest brothas on the planet. Besides Michael Vick and OJ Simpson.

ActionBastard3131d ago

Denzel got some waves in that pic daydream! They'll make ya sea sick!

Ven10003130d ago

Gotta love your 4 player multi-player PSN games. Bomberman Ultra needs to come out already..... That's gonna be up to 7 players.

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- The Corrupt -3131d ago

ZOMG! It's Polluted!

In other news, Sony loves me - as Meep pointed out - since they know I'm somewhat stupidly obsessed with zombies. :P

heyheyhey3131d ago

lol, my initial thoughts exactly!

these main site n00bs will have NO idea what we're talking about =D

ZombieNinjaPanda3131d ago

What about main site forum phantoms? :D

heyheyhey3131d ago

is this the one that was showcased at Konami's event where they showed the Fallujah game?

it looks pretty solid