XSEED Releasing More Games This Year Than Ever Before

RPG publisher XSEED will release 13 games this year, more than ever before. Six are announced and Lunar: Harmony of the silver star is rumored.

Flower, Sun, and Rain
Little King's Story
Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga
Arc Rise Fantasia

Gungho Works
Ragnarok Online DS

Digital Download
Drill Sergeant Mindstrong

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Myst3435d ago

+Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga
+Arc Rise Fantasia

Those two games I know I'm getting. I really liked Valhalla Knights for PSP, though I only played the first one, the second I heard was an expansion and never got around to getting it; but when I heard the Wii was getting a version I just skipped over it and now awaiting that one. Especially since it has online co-op!

Either way, waiting for those two as well as Tri~ for the Wii right now, sister is going to get Capcom vs. Tatsunoko so pretty much set.

truehunter3435d ago

I dont have a Wii...... Wish some of these developer make some PS3 games.... =)z