Top 5 Things Wrong with - Bionic Commando

TGH writes:
"#5 – He moves like a tank.
Here's a game that sells itself on how you can, "Get your swing on!" But they don't tell you that he can hook onto "Most" things. WTF?!!?! What year is this?

You will spend a good amount of your time fighting your brain that tells you, "He's just like Spider-Man… He's just like Spider-Man." To the point you begin to say, "He's a broken Spider-Man." The swinging mechanism's biggest flaw? He can't grab onto EVERYTHING. Why not? It's there, why can I grab this ledge, but not that one? The developers did this in order to keep gamers on the correct path. Right there is the rub, there's a fight between exploration and..."

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davedagamer3495d ago

I guess people weren't looking forward to this game.

Dead_Cell3495d ago

We start doing "five things great about" articles,I'm getting bored of all the pessimistic views towards games because "it isn't this and doesn't do that"
You play games for the enjoyment it provides,not to pick apart and criticize someone's hard work.

Myst3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I just had to say this davedagamer from that link that's a big screen...

{Making a little edit in here}

To be honest I kind of like how this guy says it the way he does, especially when he gets to the part of context and from there on it just seems to get better. I give him a lot of respect for saying and that and generally would do so for anyone who says something along the lines of what he said in the video.

davedagamer3495d ago

Sometimes as fans we get a little over excited in defending a certain title for whatever reason. I just showed that link to let Dead Cell know that I don't only think of what's bad about games. Because quite frankly I know about the hard work that goes into them. But at the same time, we can't excuse when something is overlooked.
Glad you liked the video.