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Playstation Home: Patch v1.21 This Thursday, Picture Frames Coming Soon.

SCEA Home manager CydoniaX at the PlayStation boards clarifies certain issues surrounding Home content and the upcoming cabbage patch v1.21 update. (PS3)

Chubear  +   2267d ago
cool looking website. E3 in HOME ftmfw.
irish-leprecaun  +   2267d ago
why are u in
the3 open zone??
40cal  +   2267d ago
Picture Frames Coming Soon
Hells yeah! And about time.
Kain81  +   2267d ago
what is picture frames????
FelinePornographer   2267d ago | Spam
40cal  +   2267d ago
Picture Frames
They are exactly what they sound like. You will be able to put up frames in your living space and put content from your PS3 HDD into the frame.

I have a few pics I cant wait to put up in my living space.
50CALheadshot  +   2267d ago
last time i tried home, i got bored really quick

BUT, my ps3 photo folder is full of porn and hollywood chicks in skimpy clothes.

can anyone say INSTABAN?
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Kain81  +   2267d ago
THX bubbles
GCNSeanFoster  +   2267d ago
Sorry but picture frames are NOT in the 1.21 update
Look in the official forums...

BrunoM  +   2267d ago
humm well i think thats kinda weird to say (yes i think a ban will come your way) IF you use thouse pics why dont u just think about it and sence u know it will = ban dont post them easy no?

as for wen they are coming e3 they wil be here
SL1M DADDY  +   2267d ago
@ 50CALheadshot
It's easy to get bored in Home when you are not in Home with your friends. Try getting a group together in Home and trying out the different stuff they have available. It's what makes Home most fun, gathering with your buddies for a spell then gaming later.
LadiesFckMe  +   2267d ago
Repeated article
Same article, different site.
Kamikaze135  +   2267d ago
I have a good feeling about Home during E3. I hope they release a massive update and finally get it out of the Beta phase. Truth is, I love Home and I see a lot of untapped potential in it.
Spike47  +   2267d ago
I'm on the same boat you are in, lol. have you ever turned on something on your tv or played a game that is sooo boring that you turn everything off and just walk away? Thats Home, imo.

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