Hooked Gamers: Infamous Preview

Rock Liao: "I have been a fan of Sucker Punch Productions for a while. The original Sly Cooper is among my top games of all time. While I have never played another of their games, Rocket: Robot on Wheels, I have always wanted to get my hands on it. With iNFAMOUS, Sucker Punch's is making a first attempt to broaden their horizons, adding a game with a genre they have no previous experience with. They certainly picked an ambitious title to do it with. inFAMOUS uses an open world sandbox style gameplay in the vein of Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row. Recently I had a chance to mess around with the game."

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josephat843494d ago

He's not saying that the game/demo is bad, but he doesn't talk about anything positive. Maybe he really doesn't like it. Oh well, that's alright. I personally thought the demo was fantastic!

FamilyGuy3494d ago

Of releasing a game preview impression days before the "embargo" is up and actual reviews are allowed? Reviews will be pouring in in later this week so this is pointless.