PS3 MGS4 Pack sales shoot up at retailer

Marcus Lai writes -

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Pack increased this week. following an Apr. restock at
On Sun., the Metal Gear Solid 4 Pack held a 3,081 percent sales increase to rank at No. 11 in Amazon's Video Games division.

The Metal Gear Solid 4 Pack, which includes backwards compatibility to Playstation 2 titles, previously held a discontinued status at retail.

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Keith Olbermann3469d ago

BC is something every ps3 owner should have. I got my 60GB early and since I still play games like persona 4 and the previous MGSs, it is very convenient.

jwatt3469d ago

Yea I got my 60 gig but im looking into expanding my harddrive.

ultimolu3469d ago

I need to upgrade my harddrive too. :[

Lifendz3469d ago

for almost 50 bucks off of newegg. They have some real deals there. If I had an extra 30 bucks I probably could've upped it to the ridiculous amount of 320gbs.

Ability to use any HDD in your console ftw!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3469d ago

I'm the proud owner of a 320 gig. Upgraded in February. My brother wants a ps3, but only if it has BC for ps2 games. I should tell him about this.

FamilyGuy3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

80Gb models are best. The first run hardware (20Gb and 60Gb models) are the ones most likely to have something wrong with them that is discovered later in their lifetime. The 80Gb model has a good amount of B/C and all the other bells and whistles. It's slightly bigger HDD makes upgrading not necessary as soon as the other models too.

I bought a 1Tb external HDD for $99 instead of upgrading as it was the most useful option, the cheapest option and i've got 4 usb ports anyway.

IdleLeeSiuLung3469d ago

This just proves how much demand there really is for a BC PS3. I'm one of those that are kind of bitter it was removed since I bought the 40GB MGS4 Limited Edition of the PS3. No BC there....

Theoneneo813469d ago

i have had my 60 gig ps3 since Febuary 07 and it has been running at 100 percent since i have i got it no problems what so ever.

50CALheadshot3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

but i want a large SOLID STATE DRIVE.Cuz phuck, i have a nice collection of games, cdrips, hd and sd (porn, movies, photos, discographies)downloads and personal media files on my ps3.

PS3 owners will be able to see a performance boost if upgrading to a ssd. PS3 kicks all kinds of ass.

i wonder when will we get the update for bluetooth 3.0. LOL another performance boost Ps3 owners get. Practically free.

i only wish the psp had ssd capability

Panthers3469d ago

I agree with you Keith, but I hate Keith Olberman so much. Seeing his face here just disgusts me.

HDgamer3469d ago

too bad every gamer don't prefer bc. I have a 40gb ps3, I don't even touch my ps2 anymore. It's a rare occasion too.

xwabbit3469d ago

If i was going to E3 i would buy that model and make kojima sign it then sell it for a lot on ebay!

Snake Raiser3469d ago

and I would be the guy who buys it for a lot.

ReservoirDog3163469d ago

I upgraded to a 250 GB on my 60 GB PS3 just recently

one of the best deals I found

Keith Olbermann3469d ago

I've owned mine since launch and I have never had a problem with it. I think most of these yellow light problems are fabricated. I have never had a problem with my ps3.

ReservoirDog3163469d ago

No, my 60 GB PS3 broke twice within two months. I wish I was lying; I'd be $150 richer. Also a few people on my friends list's 60 GB PS3s broke. It's not "fabricated," it's real. My 360 also broke last summer. These things happen but just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

orakga3469d ago

Please... first amendment rights don't protect you from spreading misinformation. For both the PS1 and PS2, the first-gen (very very very first models) were THE BEST models. Not only were they the most stable, they also had features that were later cut in order to bring down costs:

- PS1: 1st-gen models came with on-board RCA and S-Video ports. Was also the easiest to "hack" (disc-swap).

- PS2: Remember the DVD region fallout at the very beginning? (when the Japanese model first launched) Sony found this "problem", and fixed it within just two months, but anyone who bought the first models were able to enjoy a superior PS2.

I guess this may not be true for other types of products, but at least for Sony, their first models are almost always their best. Their CD-players, their Mini-disc players, their camcorders... you name them. They put so much R&D and Q/C into those that they could last for YEARS. So, early-adopting has ALWAYS been the smart choice when going with Sony products.

Sorry, I realize I sound like a Sony fanboy, but these are just the facts. Please... PLEASE, stop spreading misinformation.

morganfell3468d ago

Owner of a 60GB PS3 since launch. Replaced with 500GB HDD. Play every day with some nights a week getting 6-8 hour sessions.

Owner of 80GB PS3. Played several times a week. (used when I am in a different room of a friend comes over).

Number of PS3s replaced - 0.

Owner of a Xbox 360 Professional (the original name) since launch. Rarely played.

Number of 360s replaced - 4. Number 4 was a new HALO edition that was replaced with number 5 - a refurb HALO edition.

SL1M DADDY3468d ago

When it first came out if they wanted true BC. Typically, not all the time but typically the same folks pitching a fit about having no BC were the same folks pitching a fit that the PS3 was too expensive when it was first released. Looking back, you can see now that you were not only getting a PS3, but you were getting the entire PS2 library at your finger tips. I bought the 60 and now have it updated to 250 gigs of HDD space. BC and large storage, couldn't be happier with my 600 dollar purchase at launch.

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Rifle-Man3469d ago

Wish I had BC. I'd love to be playing Shadow of the Colossus and MGS 1-3 on my PS3.

Panthers3469d ago

Well you can be playing MGS 1

Icecold333469d ago

What is this article really saying. Unless they can say how many units sold, the information is just a feel good bandaid.

3,081 percent of 100 units is 3810 units.

Snake Raiser3469d ago

2.1 is right, GET MGS1! Every PS3 can play PS1 games.

nefertis3469d ago

This is great news for sony.

SpoonyRedMage3469d ago

Hopefuolly if they do make a slim version(if the pics are true) then they restore BC. It's a shame they took it out.

raztad3469d ago

B/C will return, if ever, as software emulation on tested titles. Hardware wise it will increase production costs. I really want to play some ps2 games :(, and the PS2 is dirty cheap so could be a good option to get one right now, but Im a little worried about how good ps2 games would look on my HD TV.

Athlon3469d ago

I upgraded my harddrive to 325gb from newegg for only $99. The regular shipping option is pretty quick and I got it two days later. The best price I found at the time anywhere. It was the same name brand drive as the one that comes with the PS3. It's pretty easy to upgrade.

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