New Sims 3 Screenshot Shows Simulation Gaming

BeefJack writes: "A new screenshot released for Sims 3 shows the gaming console that you can play when playing the game on your PC.

Showing an enthusiastic male sim and a slightly bored female sim, they both appear to be playing on some sort of games console. It appears safe to conclude that the console is not the Wii but no other conclusions can be made at this time."

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king brick3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

have never met anyone who plays the sims who has a life. The sims is for nut sucking losers who fail at social interaction on a daily basis. people who play the sims are living vicariously through their computers. how sad does your life have to be? Let me give you a hint. 40 year old virgin living in his moms basement. personaly, instead of the sims imma stick wit mah sexi pr0nz

dustgavin3469d ago

I would say about as sad as someone who comments on a game they supposedly do not care about.

Are you mad that you cannot even find a date in the Sims world?

poindat3469d ago

So you're better than people who play The Sims because you look at porn? And then you stick an old as hell meme from 4chan in the title?

Who doesn't have a life again? Go back to your porn.

il-mouzer3468d ago

Most of my female friends play the game, it's actually the only game they play and I'd say that they might have a little bit of life more than you do.

I don't play the Sims - but I'll surely try this game.

Matpan3468d ago

I was going to say that.. Apparently it´s a game that many girls resort to. My gf does play the Sims every now and then (she likes GOW and other action/adventure games too, but not quite as much as Sims)... I don´t see what´s wrong with this title. I kinda want to try this one.

And you can play Sims AND watch your porn... it´s not like there is any law against both. You should try this game, you surely sound a little too anxious to actually have a normal social life... :P

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bouncybullet3469d ago

There was a gaming console in Sims2.

Why is this newsworthy?

Oh, it's a "new" sims screenshot.

Because this one looks so much better than the last..

ScorpionX993468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

I cant wait to play a game, where a avatar i create plays a game! Oooo, I wonder if my avatar will have an avatar!
Would be AWESOME!

I actually will play this game.
I just find the news of this particular thing rather funny.