World of Warcraft servers return, running 3.1.2 patch

Blizzard has finished it's scheduled maintenance on World of Warcraft as realms are starting to come back up and ready to run patch 3.1.2.

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deadlyliquidx3471d ago

the graphics are crap and the animations are crap.
Its disgusting how some people get engrossed in this game and actually spend money a month to play it.
on another note, where the fu*& is the agency for ps3, thats the only MMO i wanna play on the ps3 :(

add me: deadlyliquidx

Montrealien3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

"the graphics are crap and the animations are crap"

The things Blizzard put out on this game with such an old engine is amazing, it has some of the best texture work in the business. But you wouldn't know that cause by your comment you proved you have both no taste, and no appreciation for art direction. Its not how many coloring crayons you have, its what you draw with them.

And why would anyone want to add someone as closed mined as you to their psn? You have no grasp on reality and don't understand that some people might have different tastes then you. Go with your fellow "enthusiasts" in the flame bait articles, that's where the special people belong.

I have one tip in life for you: The world does not revolve around your belly button. Got it?

deadlyliquidx3471d ago

i didnt say they did not have the right to have different tastes, they still disgust me nontheless, just like wii-owners, and fanboys in general.
Or do you support rapists too? they have different tastes from me as well, doesent mean I have to be happy with their actions now do I

Montrealien3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Ladies and gentlemen, lets all welcome our new N4G user. He clearly has what it takes to be here. They created a zone for people like you on this site, it will suit you just fine.

And I am not saying you should also like it, that's is all well and good. Just be mature and at least try to respect people that do, or is that to hard for you?

GEESE3471d ago

The graphics may not be cutting edge, but the run sooth as butter, and look great on my system. In fact, there is no way in hell a ps3 could run it how I see it.
1680x1050 8xAA 16xAF and full everything.
Thats using 4 gig or ram B1tch, so you are never seeing that.
And because it has a (kind of ) simplistic art style, it runs like a Nintendo game.
i.e PERFECTLY (if you have a half decent PC) NO, tearing, no slowdown..looking at you PS3/360.
It has a cartoony type art style, and this game is huge, amazing to play, and pretty much the best PC rpg I have ever played. There is so much to do.
You know NOTHING of what you speak.

deadlyliquidx3471d ago

or killzone 2, or even gears, i dont think so, and the animation is still shotty, but since u own a PC i call you my brother because these PS3 fanboys here dont know how great a PC owner is, i havnt bough a singe game since i got DSL connection and ive played every major title the last 7 years :)

kudos to you brother kudos to you
and if u have PS3 add me: deadlyliquidx

lindquist3471d ago

wow, you are truly a dumbass.