Gears of War 2 "Dark Corners" Achievements

The achievement list for the new GOW2 DLC "Dark Corners" has been leaked although this is still yet to be made official it is almost certain to be the list after they were spotted at the "All Fronts" event.

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KionicWarlord2223436d ago

"Blood on the Sand (50)
Reach level 50 in multiplayer and complete waves 1-50 on the Nowhere map in Horde"

Cant wait to do this.

stickskills3436d ago

Let me know if you need anyone to play Horde, I'm always down for some Horde!

ShabzS3436d ago

i'm always up for some horde... its taking me ages to get to wave 50... still at 37 i think

green3436d ago

I am at wave 44.Send me an invite if you want to kill some locusts.

Riddler13436d ago

Can't wait to get these, they look like they are going to take a while.

Highatus3436d ago

I should finish this game before this comes out :D

StanLee3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

I'm simply going to trade in my copy of Gears of War 2 and buy the All Fronts retail release which will still be cheaper even though I bought all the currently released DLC.

solidsnakus3436d ago

yo still need the cd noobsta. its going to be DLC unlock codes like lost and damned was. not an actual cd.

StanLee3436d ago

Can you send me a link to an article where this was confirmed?

mattyb893436d ago

I remember reading that to that it was all just codes the All Fronts pack and I don't think it comes with Gears of War 2 either so I'd hold onto the disk.

BRG90003436d ago

I don't think anything has been confirmed. All I've read is speculation about exactly what the retail "All Fronts" pack will include. But I'm pretty confident it won't just be a new disc with the game plus DLC on it for the exact reason you described.

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NinlenBox3436d ago

does anyone even play this crappy game anymore? seriously they ruined the masterpiece that was gears by this crappy sequel. so much for bigger better and more badass. more like badder, and more craptacular. they ruined one of the best multiplayer ever, how, ill never know...

iDystopia3436d ago

Kid, it was patched 3 times already.

Gears 2 scored higher than Killzone and the number 2 game in MLG only behind Halo....has more people playing it online than any PS3 game ever will, outsold Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 combined.

lol Gears 2 had some bad glitching but has been cleaned up since release.

mattyb893436d ago

I think it still needs one more patch to be put right completely the introduction of experience was a good move though the True Skill thing I never understood.

StanLee3436d ago

The fact that the game had to be patched 3 time with almost wholesale changes being made to the multiplayer and it's ranking system, shows that many gamers dissatisfaction with the game's multiplayer wasn't unwarranted. The game shipped with a broken multiplayer.

PotNoodle3436d ago

iDystopia, honestly? I still don't think it is fixed. It only became playable earlier this year, even still though the game is still glitchy and and unbalanced.

I really want this game to work, i love the game when it works properly - but saying it has been fixed is a lie.

I've had ALOT more problems with Gears of war 2 than i did with Socom when it came out in europe (March 09). That, for a game that was ripped apart in reviews because of its problems - is saying alot.

QuantumWake3436d ago

I have to admit that the Gears 2 multiplayer is not that good due to lag and some glitches, but it is still really fun and I enjoy it. Though I enjoy Gears 1 better than Gears 2 in the multiplayer aspect. I think epic could still make a few changes. Like I hate it when I am matched up against 50's and 60's and I am the only level 25. They should balance that out so I am playing with people that have a similar rank.

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