Halo Wars' Strategic Options DLC is only 2 MB

As if the overpriced price tag of 800 Microsoft Points isn't enough, the Halo Wars' Strategic Options DLC is only 2 MB. Therefore, you may be paying for content already in the game.

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DarthTigra 3436d ago

Microsoft taking a page out of Capcom's book?

CaseyRyback_CPO3436d ago

enjoy the ride, I hope they use lube.

spunnups3436d ago

Casey you rock dude, one of my favorite posters.

Elven63436d ago

Unlock Capcom this probably isn't a unlock code, it most probably uses the assets already on the disc and adds new ones. Then again the compression techniques used in the game could be good enough.

Ldubbz3436d ago

Ryback....I dont understand that comment at all...what does this DLC have to do with full games, as you put it?

Surely, you are referring to GTA 4? I dont see why all the hate for optional content. No one forces anyone to purchase it. It extends the value of your games.

Thats a bad thing?

And like I commented below, if this indeed is all you get for $10, its a rip. Simple and plain.

IdleLeeSiuLung3436d ago

I don't know why everyone complains about small data size of the DLC. It is NOT as if the larger size means the developer put more effort into it.

Anyone with a little programming skills know that 1-2 MB of data is a lot of code if you are re-using assets. If people keep complaining about this, perhaps the developer should just pad the size with a bunch of zeros i.e. unused code just to make the size larger and satisfy the consumer or how about just unused assets?

The DLC is optional and you are free to take advantage of it or not. Vote with your money not with your useless and baseless comments!

irish-leprecaun3436d ago

(click hear to unlock rest of comment- only $10).......

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IaMs123436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Great MS, thanks a lot seriously. But the difference between this a RE5 was your getting More stuff then RE5, But what the heck still this is stupid.

But then again 2MB can hold a good amount of stuff, it very possible that the new gamemodes can take up a few MB, unlike the RE took up a couple 100 KB.

kornbeaner3436d ago

RE5 "DLC" was 1.5MB. SF4 is the "DLC" of a a few hundred Kb.

IaMs123435d ago

no im pretty sure the DLC for RE5 on the PS3 was 300 some KB and a little more for the 360.

caffman3436d ago

but I'm not buying an unlock code

matt2473436d ago

Wasn't there a title update to prepare for the DLC? That could have had it made it easier to put new modes in the game. They are just new modes, you just got to program in the rules, it's not like they are adding in new maps which take up more space.

NegativeCreepWA3436d ago

ding ding ding. We have a winner.

Bubbles for being one of the only people on this site with half a brain.

It's also been known for awhile that 107 or 108 KB is an unlock.

solidsnakus3436d ago

omg.. this is just ridiculous, its not on the disk. but its still a ripoff , im not paying 10$ for 2 shiity modes and 1 good one.

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The story is too old to be commented.