US PC Sales: Fallout Trilogy Rides Again

It's not often that one has the opportunity to group the word "Interplay" with the phrase "making a lot of money" but it looks like they're doing well lately. Their re-release of Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics is cleaning up at retail, according to the NPD's figures for May 3rd to May 9th:

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Captain Tuttle3498d ago

Fallout 1 & 2 are both excellent and Tactics is pretty darn good as well.

Cajun Chicken3498d ago

Funding EWJ4 and MDK3 nicely, I hope.

EvilCackle3498d ago

And maybe the Fallout MMO, depending on how that lawsuit pans out.

Baka-akaB3498d ago

I really hope Bethesda doesnt win this one .
Dont misunderstand , while not a fan of either bethesda or their version of fallout , i aint saying theyy didnt do a good job . obviously they did , and turned the franchise big .

Still knowing that the mmo wasnt in their grasp and out there , meant a chance for those that dont like bethesda's take , to enjoy a fallout title (thought could be crap too as well) ...

But now they want the whole pie , and own all of fallout , wich doesnt sit well with me .

Elven63498d ago

Bethesda will probably force Interplay to use this cash up in the potential law suit :(

Captain Tuttle3498d ago

If they don't re-release Planescape Torment they're fools. I'd buy it in a hearbeat, I've got the four disc version.

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ActionBastard3498d ago

Good. Now just give me another MDK. Please.

Baliw3497d ago

They can put this for sale, Ultimate Might and Magic Archives, again.

kevnb3498d ago

I hope devs that say pc gaming isnt viable are paying attention.

Grandreaper99993498d ago

Interplay had some really great games. I hope Fallout is only the first of more remakes to come. I really want a next gen Carmageddon. Maybe even more so than a new Twisted Metal.

I've got my fingers crossed hoping that Blizzard actually does a new Redneck Rampage (they WERE the ones to acquire the rights for it a while ago right? I'm pretty sure it ws Blizzard). The old ones were creepy as hell, gritty, and hillarious too.

Fallout's great too, I guess.... despite the thick coat of oblivion it received, and the bugs+glitches.

Transporter473498d ago

seriously there r a lot of people out there that never heard of this games at all, i asked my hardcore gaming friends n i was the only one that knew about such an awesome series kind of sad :(