PH.D., Dr. John B. Williston, discusses the problems with today's RPGs

PH.D., Dr. John B. Williston, is a veteran gamer, and when asked what he thought about today's computer RPGs, he had a lot to say. He's not a happy camper, as is the case with many older gamers. In the following article Dr. Williston points out what irks him from a gamer point of view.

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jBat173470d ago

you don't want depth, micro management, and a story line. you want something easy to get to without requiring skill or commitment..

i know want you need.. go play some FPS.. to be more precise, n0ob friendly, auto-aim generous FPS like gaylo and cod.. you'll be pwning in no time

Shnazzyone3470d ago

Never thought about rpgs in such a wide spectrum from conception to today. Awesome submit. Thanks PSx. Great read.