Rainbow THQ: We can throw anything at the Xbox 360

Gamezine: As we played the game on the Xbox 360 we noticed that the game's framerate was hovering around 50 frames-per-second, occasionally jumping to 60fps; quite a feat for a game that's only 65 per cent complete. Nonetheless, its still unclear whether the team at Rainbow Studios will lock the game at 60fps, especially on the PlayStation 3.

When asked about the game's framerate, a member of the game's development team stated that although they were targeting 60 frames-per-second, they were struggling on the PlayStation 3. It might even end up at 30fps if they don't make a breakthrough.

"We can throw anything we want at the Xbox 360, but the PS3 seems to work slightly differently," a member of the Rainbow Studio's team told Gamezine.

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Pennywise3467d ago

lol - Look at the approvers.

Maybe this dev studio needs to call someone for help.

Muggles3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

"We suck and aren't going to be bothered to learn anything other than PC (Xbox) development."

This is THQ we're talking about here. I can't think of anything they're throwing that's worth buying.

CaseyRyback_CPO3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Naughty Dog!

I think what they are saying is correct. They dont know how to code for the ps3. They do need to contact people that do, because when your game looks like anything THQ puts out, and you have people like EVOLUTION studios(of Motorstorm2 fame) delivering games that put yours to shame performance wise... why not make the call?

When the ps3 has second to none graphical marvels which are impossible on the 360 like:

Uncharted 1 & 2
Gran Turismo5 P

I mean.. really? are the first party devs keeping it a secret? I know incognito lists help on their site for n00bs. But I'd imagine after seeing kz2.. its worth it to look into how you can translate your PC code to PS3 code, its not like it proves you'll get a worse product than restricting a game to run on a single 1ghz proc or whatever 1 spu is.

snaz273467d ago

i was thinking the same thing!... is this article in some way trying to take away the awesome looking games the ps3 already has (with execelent frame rates i might add), and is set to get in the future?... just cos there is 1 or 2 devs left now that dont get the ps3 that means the ps3 sucks? oh riiiight i see, isee! well just take a look at the uncharted 2 gameplay and that will give you some idea as to why i normally stick to ps3 exclusives.

Pennywise3467d ago

casey - I agree 100%... but tell that to Mooks... look at what he wrote to me:

New Message:
0 minutes ago | By: -MoOkS- | Block
umm what?
"Blade - Give it up with the leg humpers. Yeah, we are leg humpers because we support the more reliable system with more first party exclusives, better graphics, free online, web browser, and no RROD."


- PS3 isn't reliable, it's failure rate is increasing while the 360's is decreasing. Yellow light of death and bluray drive failures are becoming an epidemic
- So the ps3 may have more exclusives, but how many of them are actually good? maybe 2 out of 10, if you're lucky.
QUALITY > QUANTITY and the 360 delivers quality
- The 360 has a better graphics chip,FACT. So how does the ps3 have better graphics?
- It has free online that is horrible and severly limited in feature's
- The web browser isn't need, it's meant to be a gaming machine...not a wannabe PC
- It's got the YLoD,080011208 errors, bluray drive errors and HDD errors

"All MS has done in the gaming industry is copy cat and buy games to be multiplat"

$ony is the master of copy cats.

- It copied nintendo's control and button layout
- It copied rumble from nintendo
- It copied motion sensing from nintendo
- It copied analogue sticks from nintendo
- It copied online play from the dreamcast
- It copied 3d platformers from nintendo

And $ony bribes developers to put there games exclusively on PSN

IaMs123467d ago

Seriously they do need help probably. I mean KZ2 was in development longer then the PS3 has been out correct? So you would think they had the edge to get to know the system longer.

ultimolu3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Pennywise, there is something wrong with that child. He's on a mission to prove the PS3 is inferior to the 360.

I love how there's so much fuss over this when we don't even know if the game will be good or bad to begin with. Once again, exclusive games show the power of your console, not multiplatform games!

UltimateIdiot9113467d ago

Help they need, indeed. It's like saying they can strike out the familiar batter with whatever they throw but the moment a better batter comes out hitting all their throws, THQ suddenly refuses to admit they suck and come up with a new approach to coding.

morganfell3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

I don't know these guys that well. But there is a guy of which some may have heard named John Carmack and he says you can't throw just anything at the 360. I am not sure about others but I have my own designs as to who I believe in that instance. You can't with any console.

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating and the console you can throw more at and have it thrown back has better looking games. Casey has already listed some of those.

AAACE53467d ago

Just look at em.... Fanboys... getting all worked up and defensive for a game that they weren't going to buy anyway!

No matter how this game turns out, most people will buy it when it is $10-$20, just like Pure.

But I guess it's just in a fanboys blood to defend even the most pointless of topics...

Shadow Flare3467d ago

I'll believe it when i see it. I say that because i haven't seen it, so i won't believe it. The 360 has had a year extra and is easier to develop for, and has zero games that can technically outperform a game like killzone 2. Where is 360's killzone 2??? It doesn't have the equivalent because it doesn't have the power

redsquad3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

...Oh dear god, that idiot is on my 'ignore list' and that message pasted by PENNYWISE just reaffirms that I made the right choice.

I have NEVER seen such delusional ramblings on here (and that's saying something): Taking a set of facts, completely reversing them and then pretending "this is how it is" to try and fool everyone... Why is he even here?

Sorry this degenerated into farce so quickly, but then that's a given when Mooks is about. The article says more about the abilities of Rainbow than the PS3, but then that doesn't matter to "Mooks the Mad Hater".

ActionBastard3467d ago

...except an IP that sells.

NickIni3467d ago

"Rainbow THQ: We can throw anything at the Xbox 360"

But will it blend?

IdleLeeSiuLung3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

There is no doubt you can push graphical limits with the PS3. The problem isn't the possibility, it is the amount of work required to push it.

When you have maybe a dozen developers coming out and saying they are struggling with the PS3 I don't think you can call them lazy. They might not have the resources and the luxury of 3-4 years to develop a game.

People that can't recognize this are just the fanbois. It is usually the same people posting the biased comments....

Anon19743467d ago

"Rainbow THQ: We can throw anything at the Xbox 360"

They followed with "as long as we don't play it longer than an hour and a half, continually have a fan running on it, don't stand it up on it's side and don't make any sudden movements around it's general vicinity. Then we can throw anything at it."

xwabbit3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Wow Penny, Mooks really needs a reality check and medial attention LOL! I think hes really gone mad.
Yeah 2 exclusives like Mooks said could be good.

The following are bad right mooks!
heavenly sword, killzone 2, resistance, motor storm, WipeoutHD, Gran Turismo5 P, MLB09, Ratchet & Clank, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation(at first it did, with all the new patches the games a dream), Uncharted, Valkyria Chronicles & Warhawk.

I see the PS3 has no good games huh mooks! they didn't sell 5 mill first day.

Beast_Master3467d ago

I have way to many great games to get through the next couple of weeks to even bother with this crap. THQ! Call me when a real developer says this.

Highatus3467d ago

I love all my systems, but that PM may have actually leeched readers IQ and converted it into disagrees.

Christopher3467d ago

and get people who know how to code for the PS3. Yeah, it's different, harder for some developers, but it's far from impossible. Get the right people to do your coding, rather than PC developers doing both the 360 and the PS3 code, and you'll be surprised at the results.

menoyou3467d ago

Yep, they need help or a new programmer.

Christopher3467d ago

Perhaps they should give a call to the people that did that game?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3467d ago

Welcome to the excuse and denial line... serving number (85) I wonder how many more times this is going to be said this gen before it sinks in.

iDystopia3467d ago

haha their so desperate, and their still always going to lose.

xwabbit3467d ago

Pennywise u getting disagrees with what mooks said LOL! omg this is too funny

3466d ago
NIGHT_HAWK32103466d ago

ps3 fanboys get so defensive. talk about a group of insecure gamers.

both systems have good and bad.

naming every exclusive on the ps3 doesnt prove anyhting, since about half those games are garbage. you could do the same thing with the xbox.

i guess part of being a fanboy is having a one track mind with no real opinions.

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Cajun Chicken3467d ago

...and it breaks or makes a large dent!

Nelson M3467d ago

Cause it dont seem to have any

Man_of_the_year3467d ago

Doesn't seem to need it when most multiplats play better on a console 1/3 the price of the PS3....I guess so long as people want the best gaming experience they will continue to purchase the sales show.

Cajun Chicken3467d ago

'Budget gaming experience'.

Man_of_the_year3466d ago

Cajun your so stupid that you don't even realize that your comment is a positive comment. Mayby it is budget, that just means the same or better experience can be played on a budget system while the most expensive console has equal or less game experience. Which means anyone who buys the most expensive console to have an equal or less experience than the budget console is either a complete Moron or an ignorant Sony fanboy...

I think it appears that all ignorant fanboys are complete morons...i guess its a catch 22.

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ghostface3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Some people really need help! MoOkS I advise you to get some help and anybody else who worship their console of choice as GOD.

Ldubbz3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Did a dev say something good about the 360? HERE COMES THE SDF TO THE RESCUE!

Notice, that unlike other articles recently, this isnt a dev owned by MS. Its a neutral 3rd party.

But dont worry, the SDF will explain that they are all made up of ex-MS employees, or some other BS. Spin spin spin away!

EDIT: and from the article, since many wont actually read it anyhow...

"This new technology, especially the game-wide deformation (unseen in other racers), is certainly demanding for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

We got our hands on the game at a recent THQ event and the deformation was extremely impressive. Every vehicle will effect the track, with their indentations staying in place for following laps, making the races a continuously more hazardous affair as the deformed ground will realistically affect the physics of your bike or ATV. "

@ below

Please Thom. Who do you think is funding those games? Has Sucker Punch ever made a game for anyone besides Sony?

@ further below

I want you to find me one 3rd party dev that ever said that, one not working on Sony-only games. One dev that actually has 360 dev kits. Go on, find it for me. We all know this is just one of many times its been said by a 3rd party about the PS3, I dont have to dig those articles up, do I?


Those are spotty at best. No where in either of those articles did they claim to do things on the PS3 they couldnt or were having problems with on 360. and the one about the Gears-style game, I dont think he's even referring to the 360 at all there.

Either way, my point isnt to say the 360 is more powerful. Im no programmer, so I dont really know. Alls Im saying is all the FUD put out by these Sony onwned/funded studios is baseless.

From Carmack about RAGE:

"We have concerns (about the 360 version of Rage) because of the economics of the platform in terms of what it costs to go to multiple discs," Hollenshead said. "There is disc space issue on the 360, and if we cant find a clever way or compromise with Microsoft to address that issue... even though we feel the 360 has superior hardware, the size limitations may mean that we may not have as much texture density or resolution on the 360 version."

Interesting....he flat out says the 360 has better HW, but the space could be an issue. Take from that what you will.

PirateThom3467d ago

Sucker Punch and Quantic Dream aren't owned by Sony either.

PirateThom3467d ago



Devs have their preference. Not every multiplat dev prefers the 360.

MegaMohsi3467d ago

Oh so you mean how Carmack said RAGE graphics won't have to be compressed on PS3 because of Blu Ray?

Nineball21123467d ago

Didn't the dev for Rage mention that he prefered the PS3 over the Xbox 360? Or did he just talk about how the limitations of the 360 was holding the game back? I can't remember...

green3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

If this game is released on both the ps3 and 360 at 30fps, can 360 owners now claim that the ps3 held the 360 back in regards to this game?

II Necroplasm II3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Xbox 360's limited disc storage is the only problem with RAGE

john carmack(Father of FPS) said.

ShabzS3467d ago

carmack said that the 360's dvd9 was holding them back ... multi disc on a sandbox game is a tuffy... on the ps3 the gpu ram was a problem and the infrastructure itself was comparatively hard to develop for... but he loved the blu ray

tordavis3467d ago

Green just owned the whole 'hold back' concept.

7thNightvolley3467d ago

green owned there thou... i guess ps3 is holding bk the 360 in this case.. ironic isnt it.

ActionBastard3467d ago

Man people are angry over that Fallout 3 DLC! Now they're touting THQ! Hahaha!

green3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

well i always here on N4G that the 360 is holding back the pS3 in regards to multiplat games.But what if these developers are actually DUMPING DOWN the 360 version to look exactly like the PS3 version in order for them not to be called out by a certain faction as "LAZY DEVELOPERS".

After all they did get a lot of bad press in 07 and 08 when they could not get their games on the PS3 running at the same level as the 360 version and also poor sales for the PS3 version due to gamers ignoring the game in total.Now with both running at the same level, they can claim to have gotten to grips with the PS3 hardware and not get called out.

It's something to think about.

CaseyRyback_CPO3467d ago

Its not just thrown up in the air based on the unreal engine having normal maps, as the concept would be if the ps3 is holding back the 360. When its said that the 360 holds back the ps3, its proven with the exclusives like Uncharted/Infamous/MLB09. That's the potential that you COULD be playing, if the developers knew how to use it.

In other words, what would the possible potential title that could have been, be? THQ's game would have looked like the peak of the 360's performance Gears of War1?

Hope that clears it up. Outside of the obvious 2mb > 1mb bluray deal, the 360 is effectively holding the PS3 back since it hasn't shown that it can trump any of its exclusive titles performance wise.While the ps3 has shown that it can not only run the unreal engine in flying colors with UT3. Which was said to be technically superior to gears1 by Mark Rein, but it currently holds the crown for graphics king with quite a few titles.

We are all going to have to take your words for how powerful the 360 is, because for some funny reason no games show it.

solidsnakus3467d ago

you guys do know that quantic dream isnt going to make any profit on heavy rain. that game is just not going to sell at all.indigo prophecy was multiplat and it didnt sell worth a damn, heavy rain is the same game just with better graphics. its still not going to sell worth a damn just look at killzone 2 ,a very good fps, which sold under 1 mil in the US. you think an adventure game on ps3 which is probably only 6 hours long and have no multiplayer or coop going to sell? under 100k is what im saying.

Highatus3467d ago

"3.5 - One question for sonyfanboys
If this game is released on both the ps3 and 360 at 30fps, can 360 owners now claim that the ps3 held the 360 back in regards to this game?"

I'm no fanboy but that statement is flawed.
The article is based on THQ's grip on the technology they have available. They are presently and obviously more comfortable developing on the 360 hardware. With that said look at what Sony's PS3 exclusives have been able to bring out. Their Dev's have a firm grasp on its tech and it shows. Even third parties like EA, Capcom, And Ubisoft can now develop on their games in unison because they understand the tech and their multi-plat games have very minor differences but are very close to identical.

My point is that no it's not the PS3 holding anything back, the dev's are because of their lack of knowledge of the system. I'm sure if they contacted and of the studios mentioned or Sony's they would be thrown a bone.

green3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

"Green, not exactly. The whole "holding back" argument is based around the fact that the 360 doesn't have a single title that out performs Gran Turismo 5 prologue, MGS4. Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Little Big Planet, Motorstorm2, and whats that other one.. Oh yeah Killzone2."

The technical capabilities of the 360 not being pushed has absolutely nothing to do with the 360's limitation but with Microsoft's inability/reluctance to develop games that are built from the ground up to take advantage of the 360's graphical capabilities.So it can be said that Microsoft is holding the system back.

I commend Sony for what they have done but in no way is that a sign of inferiority on the 360's path.

raztad3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

There is not spin on Green's argument. YES, definitely, if the 360 version get only 30 fps to keep both versions the same, then the 360 version has been held back by PS3's. However in this case is not the hardware the restricting factor but devel's incompetence. BTW, is THQ the same publisher behind the poor looking Red Faction:Guerrilla? Those guys really need a hand from Sony.

solidsnakus3467d ago

wel ofcourse their going to say that, their making a game ON THE PS3!!! you want me to give you a link of gabe newell?? lol

CaseyRyback_CPO3467d ago

The 360 launched earlier, devs are more familiar with the hardware, yet no one has been able to develop a game that is superior to a ps3 exclusive. Epic came running out talking about bigger better more badass then a 1.1a version of gears showed up. In this world, where bioshock2 looks just like 1, where RE5 isn't AAA, and no multiplat has trumped a single ps3 exclusive performance wise. People want to still debate about the ps3's hardware capabilities, but when asked for proof, the only thing that can be said is "wait!".

Again, as you know. We are going to have to take your word on it, sort of like a racehorse that doesn't ever race. Yeah, one day.. maybe 2010? You never know. You can think of another word for inferior if you want, but whatever it is, it means that the 360 hasn't shown it can top a ps3 exclusive yet. Thats where we are in this generation, which is why all the multiplat vs videos are hilarious as measurements of hardware ability. Hardware ease of use? 360 is superior. Hardware maximum abilities? PS3 is currently superior.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3467d ago

So Microsoft is holding the 360 back? i want whatever it is that you are smoking because that is funny as hell, in fact you should change that username to "Power of Green" to let us know what to think of you beforehand. Anyway, the 360 has a pretty straightforward architecture, was out the gates longer, has a more familiar development environment AND Microsoft money behind it. What you say is a load of sh1t.

And by the way, Carmack also claimed that there is more power below the PS3 hood, but it is harder to squeeze out. His words.

Christopher3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

It's possible. The first question I would have though is why is it possible for Wipeout HD to be @60 fps and not this game? I'd also question why they just wouldn't put it at the highest fps they can get on both versions, ~50 fps on 360 and ~30 fps on the PS3?

Their concepts of maintaining deformation would actually be faster to load on the PS3 since it's particle effects overlaying on top of the general texture elements, which are handled faster in the PS3 memory.

My overall question is if you're having issues with the PS3, do you then keep trying or does the company do something intelligent, such as hire a consultant or four who are experienced with this sort of thing on the PS3?

green3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Is that soo...

Yes i stand by what i say because Microsoft not investing in FP games like Sony and relying on 3rd party devs in pushing the 360's graphics is holding back the 360.And i will actuall like to know what your smoking if you can not see the logic in that.And as for RAGE...

"There is disc space issue on the 360, and if we cant find a clever way or compromise with Microsoft to address that issue... even though we feel the 360 has superior hardware, the size limitations may mean that we may not have as much texture density or resolution on the 360 version."

Straight from john carmack himself last year stating the 360 has "SUPERIOR HARDWARE".

"Though remarkable for its graphics, Rage is also noteworthy because it will be the first game that id will develop internally for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac, and PC. Indeed, Hollenshead told GameSpot that id's technology chief, John Carmack, considers the 360 the game's "primary platform."

Straight from Id's CEO, April 09 calling the 360 their "PRIMARY PLATFORM".

Nineball21123467d ago

@ II Necroplasm II

Yep, you're right. It was just the DVD limitations that they had concerns about.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3467d ago

Microsoft has Rare, Lionhead, Bungie and had Bioware, Bizarre and Ensemble. Your response is weak. Also, since when is "platform superiority" dependent on "primary" status? By that logic PS2 was superior when compared to Xbox in most games but that is not the case. 360 is thr "primary" as ID are PC devs and 360 was out first. Carmack himself said there is more power to be found on PS3 but that they would not take the hard and expensive route. Look it up, child.

techie3467d ago

Amazing. Is this the new N4G, or the old N4G?

SIdepocket3466d ago

Carmack did stress that he felt the 360 had the better hardware, but that space limitations were a problem for the game. He says that Sony poor design choices with their architecture:

3466d ago
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Dead_Cell3467d ago

There is also scores of developers saying that "It was only possible on PS3"
yet you choose to ignore these articles and pick this one as the 3rd party developers gospel.

I wonder why..

kaveti66163467d ago

Sony's First Party Devs are funded by...guess who? Of course, given the opportunity, they are going to praise the PS3 and say their games are only possible on the PS3. Third Party Devs on the other hand are neutral. They speak from their experience of developing a game on multiple platforms. I'm not saying the 360 is more powerful, just a lot easier to develop for, and therefore less expensive.

Third Party developers are not usually directly funded by either Sony or Microsoft, so when developing a game they have to avoid taking expensive routes. The PS3s architecture is different from conventional PC architecture so developers have a harder time developing for it, and it costs more, and Sony's Third Party Support is dismal this generation. So, it is an issue of competence, but you can't expect these devs to just work their asses on a third party game for the PS3 when there is so much risk involved.

techie3467d ago

They don't need to praise the PS3, they show it in their work.

7thNightvolley3466d ago

i do agree.. ya.. they do but seriously.. a man.. or woman with a family and kids u work on a game for X number of years ur wife is nagging u are not at home and u have to now spend an extra 4 months worth of work and she gets pissed of jilt ur ass. or in this economy.. they are so many factors... that would make dev shy away from the ps3.. but its gd at least sony fp dev are doing some gd work .. since the ps3 needs alot of attention to make it tick.