Edge: Blur Preview

PGR is a game that hates players," says Martyn Chudley, flatly. "The fundamental premise that we had through the entire series was: 'Well done, you got a gold medal. But you're shit. You should have got a platinum one'. For every reward we threw another challenge at you. Leaderboards – 'Wow! You're 974,000th in the world. Brilliant.'"

Chudley, as managing director of Liverpool-based Bizarre Creations, sold his company's soul to Activision last year, and also recently demoted himself to creative director. But such self-criticism and apparent surrender of his previously independent company to the largest publisher in the world isn't a series of acts of self-flagellation. He wants to explain, PlayStation mug in hand, how his new crossplatform game will be a lot better than PGR.

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