Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone just got a step closer

The Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone may for the time being remain a speculative possibility, but the chances just got a whole load better with the news that Sony Ericsson is to drop both its Walkman and Cybershot brands in favour of a unified entertainment offering.

The Swedish manufacturer had previously segregated its handsets into a number of camps, the leading two of which were the 'C' and 'K' Cybershot photography-related devices and its 'W' Walkman-branded MP3 mobiles.

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RememberThe3573495d ago

If this was wholly owned by Sony it could see this. But this company doesn't really even have anything to do with SCE or the PlayStation brand.

Nothing is impossible, but I just don't see this happening any time soon.

50CALheadshot3495d ago

i thought se were having problems

ps921173495d ago

Sony is responsible for product designe.

LoVeRSaMa3494d ago

Id like this to be true but I remember reading an artical saying that Sony Erricson was denied acsess to the PSP brand and that was only afew months ago, it seems like they tryed b ut had not yet, this new artical could just be the aftermath and speculation reguarding that event.

dazzalfc3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Shame in a way, one of the best phones i ever owned was a C900. Infact, the majority of Sony phones beat the likes of the rather cheap plastic Nokia phones that break far too easily

40cal3495d ago

I love my W810i. Have had this phone for 3 years now and it is tough as nails. The built in Walkman and camera are just icing on the cake.

Mindboggle3495d ago

I disagree, SE phones are built like bricks, but they dont last. Ive had 3 sony ericssons and all have developed faults after a year. 2 of them kept randomly switching off, and the other just didnt wanna turn on..

RememberThe3573495d ago

My W580i isn't made with the best materials so it have this flimsy sound when ever you squeeze it. Still, it is the best phones I've owned.

dazzalfc3495d ago

Thats the reason why i avoid Nokias like the plague. I hate the random switching off and i won;t even go on about the 4 Nokia N73's i had in the space of 3 months due to some features of the operating system not working properly (and with me being quite arsey on each occassion i visited Carphone Warehouse to sort the problem, they just kept giving me a new phone, letting me keep the other broken one. Idiots! Although i made a tidy sum thanks to Ebay)

Don't get me wrong, i've had one or two problems with Sony phones aswell, my K850i camera only worked when it felt like it (much like its owner) and i found my W595 would freeze once or twice, but generally the Sony phones have been amongst the better ones i've owned. I just cannot stand Nokias anymore, and i'm not the biggest fan of Samsung handsets either

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Premonition3495d ago

I wonder who keeps bringing up these articles, I dont think we will never see a "Playstation" phone, just cause it plays games like other phones and whatnot doesnt label it as a playstation phone. Every few months a new article pops up with some strange new phone claiming to long rumored Playstation phone.

thehitman3495d ago

Just make the psp2 a phone w/ touchscreen and gg to any device on the market.

saimcheeda3494d ago

but it could also become like the ps3 with sony selling it at a loss!!so i dont think they wanna make loss from another product!

Cyrax_873495d ago

I'm still waiting for the W995 to come out next month. I have this w200i for years now, the phone's boring (at least there's nothing wrong with it though)