CVG Interview: Bizarre Creation's Blur

Racing games have become stagnated, according to the Project Gotham boys at Bizarre Creations, who've jumped into bed with Activision to bring back the crowds that racing sims once gathered. And that means less right-angle corners, no more platinum medals and yes - power-ups.

During a recent trip to Bizarre's Liverpool studio, CVG sat down with lead designer of Blur, Ged Talbot to talk about the developer's shift in direction.

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cronaldo73495d ago

Blur 'to do for racing what Call of Duty did for shooters'

Green Lantern23495d ago

shhhh you not allow to say PGR4 was amazing on n4g only GT is amazing.

aksmashh3495d ago

PGR4 Was Amazing On 360
It Had Right Mix Of Arcade/Sim Controls & Graphics Were Better Then GT5P
But They Should Of Developed The Game First On Ps3 But Im Not Sure There Would Be Much Difference With This Type Of Game

GT5P Doesn't Mean Gran Turismo 5 Prologue ;p