Six More Characters Confirmed in Tales of VS.

Six more characters have been revealed to be in the upcoming Tales of VS. for the PlayStation Portable (PSP), which will pit the various Tales of characters in a fighting free-for-all, using their well-known Artes, locations from the different games, and even items from the various games, as well as each character's unique Mystic Arte.

UPDATE: Title and link has been changed due to cleaner scans being released.

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Kyll3467d ago

FIVVVE! Aww sick, that's like, more than twice as good as two xD. I gotta check the release date of this, haha.

Selyah3467d ago

And now there's 6 new confirmed instead now Kyll ^^ thats one more on top of that!

It's shaping up quite nicely it seems.

mephman3467d ago

It looks like there's going to be a wide assortment.

ShawnCollier3467d ago

Yeah, there's 30+ characters in this game, so players should be able to find someone they like.

gwcommander3467d ago

cool thats a lot of characters

Redempteur3467d ago

i'm already sold ..
they choose the right characters for that kind of game...

now it just need to be good