Eurogamer: Blur Hands-On

This is how Bizarre Creations wants to save racing games.

A field of 20 cars, licensed, tuned and modified: muscle cars, sleek tuner coupés, rusting vintage "rat cars" hiding monster engines, J-drift specials, off-roaders, not a Ferrari in sight. Lurid twilight skies brooding over trash-strewn wastelands. Sprawling, free-flowing tracks studded with jumps, giant aprons of cracked tarmac, corners shaped not by barriers and kerbs but hastily scattered traffic cones and destructible street furniture, arrows of light painted across buildings. Flash mobs and social networking and user-created content. Dark drum and bass.

And power-ups. Fantasy power-ups: bright, colour-coded neon crackles and waves of energy that shock, shunt and barge the opposition, as well as mines and speed boosts. Combined with the large, tightly-packed field of cars and broad tracks, they make for a bustling and chaotic race, a game that's less about technique than it is instinct and survival.

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ptotoy3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

also, i'm calling out those screen shots.. i bet the real game would look 10 times worse because it's gonna be limited by the crapbox.. bullshots..