GI.Biz Interview: SingStar: The Beginnings

Later this week SingStar celebrates its fifth birthday, and to mark the occasion sat down for a chat with three of the people that have helped make it all happen - Mike Haigh, now development director at Sony London Studio, Kevin Mason, principle designer on SingStar, and Dave Ranyard, executive producer.

Over the course of this three-part feature we'll look at the concept of value, the challenges of bringing hardware to the market at no extra cost, and the various issues facing the fine art of the music licenser - but here we begin with the origin of the games, how the idea came about, and how it could all have been very different with a game called Sing-Along Safari.

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Foxgod3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

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shadowboricua3468d ago

the biggest problem with Singstar is the lack of support in the US. Most songs that come out in Europe never make it to the US and, of course, the ones that make it take months to make it here after they have been release in Europe. The other problem is the regional releases, an example being Singstar Latino. This title would sell very well in the US and PR but it was only released in Spain and Portugal. Sony needs better people handling their business.