Do The Donkey Kong

Kombo: A while back, David mentioned one of my long-standing dreams in his closing post for the week. It's long been one of my dreams to see the original Donkey Kong Country brought into real time 3D. All the models that were made and sampled as 2D sprites still exist, likely in Nintendo's own archives, and certainly in Rare's. I just don't trust Nintendo to do it. I'd rather have Rare take care of such a remake. It's not so unfathomable. Microsoft (who currently owns Rare) allowed the company to produce ports of the original DKC trilogy to the Game Boy Advance back in the day, and to much profit. I don't find it unreasonable to allow Rare to use the DK license to milk a few million form the everlasting nostalgia well.

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ape0073498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

DK,donkey kong :) look at me then look at this

and this

oh my god,words cannot describe how amazing these games were

we will never see anything like it again