Xbox Evolved: Dragonball Z Raging Blast First Look Preview

From XE:

"Last week Xbox Evolved brought you the news of a new Dragonball Z game being developed for the Xbox 360. Today, we brought the very first scans and images of the new game titled, Dragonball Z Raging Blast and as well take a first look into the game and known details. "

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3472d ago

The art style does resemble the tenkaichi style games. Which means i'll be buying it.

bigboss9113472d ago

It said its being developed by spike so it has to be like Tenkaichi. Omg Day one purchase just like the last 3 spike dbz games. they were the stuff back on ps2. Includes Huge roster and Dlc best news on here in a while.

dachiefsman3472d ago

How do you preview something with PRE speculation??? Most sites will at least have some facts besides the obvious.

UnblessedSoul3472d ago

Burst limit was rubbish, if its like tenkachi then it will be good

tha_meat_beater3472d ago

goku can defeat the evil cell and save gohan before the 360 strapped to his back RED RINGS and blows him to bits? all this and more on the next episode of dragon box Z.

DNAgent3472d ago

I got burned out on DBZ fighting games last gen. Besides, I highly doubt any next-gen game will be better than Tenkaichi 3 (and I doubt it needs to) since Tenkaichi 3 had it all. They should've just made an adventure game or at least something other than a fighting game. I won't be playing this.

Etseix3472d ago

i feel about the same way with Smack Vs Raw.... 95,06,07,08,09. .. dam .... i.. dont liek them anymore lol, best Smackdown game is by far Here Comes The Pain, now THATS! a brutal fighting game, its way too adictive and more whit all those superstars in there, Brock, Goldberg, Kevin Nash.,.. phew, best Smackdown ever!.. next gens are... way too slow because it realistic style =/

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The story is too old to be commented.