Review - Fallout 3: Broken Steel (

Fans of Fallout 3 have been given a rough ride when it comes to the downloadable expansions for the title. Operation: Anchorage was rather brief and light for its $10 price tag - a problem compounded by the fact that you can only play through it once with your character. The Pitt came out bugged to all hell on the Xbox 360 via a reported corruption issue, and even once the bugs were fixed, many players found the moral ambiguity awaiting them at the end leaving a bad taste in their mouth. And when Broken Steel released with Windows authentication issues and some more bugs for the 360 version, the initial thoughts were that we were all going for a repeat of the past rides we really didn't enjoy taking.

So, having played through the entirety of the Broken Steel expansion (Xbox 360 version), how did things sort out for this final addition to the highly regarded post-nuclear RPG/Shooter?

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