Killzone 2 Adds 58k On PlayStation 3 In April NPD

The latest April U.S. game sales have revealed Guerrilla Games' Killzone 2 debuting outside the Top 20 and selling 58,000 copies for the month, NPD has told Gamasutra, as it slows to 677,000 lifetime U.S. sales.

As part of the exclusive statistics provided to Gamasutra in its April 2009 NPD analysis, the key PlayStation 3-exclusive title, which debuted on February 27th, is still selling solidly, but at reduced numbers compared to its first two months.

Even releasing so late in February, the title reached No.5 on the February 2009 NPD chart, selling 323,000 units, many of them likely in pre-orders from major retailers such as GameStop.

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Gamer60563500d ago

23,000 more and killzone 2 sells 700,000 in the u.s.

Elven63500d ago

Those are pretty good figures, it should reach the 2.5-3 million barrier at least for lifetime worldwide.

lh_swe3500d ago

It definetly needs to continue selling, because then it'll stay hot online for a longer time meaning I can enjoy it for longer.

Chuk_Chuk3500d ago

from people arguing whether or not sales make a good game

rockleex3500d ago

Is an official matchmaking playlist along with the user created servers.

I want to play Search and Destroy with no respawns, with multiple rounds. It will bring tactics to a whole other level.

Also, they should make sure their engine can support 4 player splitscreen and LAN.

I can't emphasize enough on how important splitscreen is!

Doctor_Doom3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Just give it some time and eventually It will sell like Wii Fit ..... maybe

I_am_rushin3500d ago

They should have made it rated T. T games tend to do the best on the PS3 M games belong on the 360.

jaysquared3500d ago

"23,000 more and killzone 2 sells 700,000 in the u.s."

Is that a good or a bad thing for Sony's biggest exclusive this year? KZ2 was suppose to be the halo killer! It was suppose to sell 2 million in N. America in the first 3 days! Sony fans we're proclaiming that KZ2 will attract more buyers for the PS3 than LBP because it was a shooter and we know how much N. America loves shooters! What happened here?

"Also, they should make sure their engine can support 4 player splitscreen and LAN."

I can't believe that KZ2 didn't have this at all! 5 years it was in developement and is a Sony 1st party studios so GG should've had all the help they needed from Sony to implement this! Seriously what FPS game out today that doesn't have Offline splitscreen? its seriously sad to know that GG spent all their time on graphics instead of actually making a game..

I believe its good that KZ2 isn't selling like hot cakes! If it would sell Halo like numbers I dont want every Developer to just focus on graphics instead of making an actual game!

rockleex3500d ago

Because they were using differed rendering.

I'm pretty sure its possible do splitscreen with differed rendering, its just that no one has found a way to do it yet.

Hopefully they can implement it for Killzone 3.

TheTwelve3500d ago

Jaysquared--- People who buy the PS3 are of a different demographic than those who buy a 360. People who bought the 360, most of them bought it FOR Halo. Hence the sales (and the pathetic sales of say, JRPGs on the 360).

Sony and Sony owners are content with a wide selection of well-selling, quality first games, rather than 1 or 2 mega-selling games.

It's the Sony way. Only 1st party game that I can think of off-hand that sells above and beyond the rest for Sony is the Gran Turismo series. But Sony is catering to a broader market of people.

KZ2 can be 100 times better than Halo and still sell less....

...and it's ok especially since Sony is having similar success with many other first party games.


La Chance3500d ago

Lets just say it like it is: 58 000 in April is catastrophic for a game as big as Killzone 2.
I wonder why...dont see any logical reason.

skwidd3500d ago

Seriously, jaysquared you should just shut up. Its mind boggling how you think Killzone is all graphics and no game. If you strip the graphics completely you would end up with a fun game that would still match any FPS in the market today. Saying GG spent all the time in graphics and no game is truly unfair and outright wrong. The game is superb in all areas except if u think it'll make you pancakes. If you want similar games with horrible graphics then go ahead. Please dont buy KZ. I really want people like you to miss out because you really dont appreciate it.

CaseyRyback_CPO3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Too Human/Alan Wake/Huxley/Warhounds all say Hello.

Killzone2 ushered in new technology to the console world. The devs themselves said they started after liberation was complete. Uncharted1 & 2 also trample the 360's tech abilities, as does motorstorm2, gran turismo prologue, heavenly sword, lair, Ratchet & clank, Resistance2. I mean its literally ever sing.. MLB09 single ps3 exclusive boasts superior graphics sound and resolution. This "buh buh time" crap is nonsense. Considering in 2009 we are looking at a laundry list of more amazing games that are trumping the ones that were already out of reach of the 360 already.

If MS can get kudos for shipping faulty hardware early to get a leg up on the competition, you must give sony a leg up for thinking about software for their customers ahead of MS, and not taking the stagnant unreal engine route.

Despite of all the time myths, Sony some how keeps pushing them out. So even if it takes 3-4 years, i haven't seen that gap as a consumer since 2007. They just keep coming and coming. Its like you guys want to pretend taking a while on a game is a bad thing lol..

rockleex3500d ago

That's a lot more than Halo 2 or 3 ever sold.

Hell, that's something Forza can only dream of achieving. But it doesn't make Forza any worse of a game just because it can't beat GT in sales.

Same thing applies to Killzone 2.

And I'm sorry, but who decided that Killzone 2 was supposed to sell 2-3 million copies on launch day? Certainly only PS3 fanboys or 360 fanboys. If you took their words seriously, then you're just as lame as they are.

solidsnakus3500d ago

grand turismo 3 was bundled in with the ps2 so stfu about it selling 15 mil or w.e.

cherrypie3500d ago

@1.1 "pretty good figures"

Are you _fracking_ joking? That's fracking HORRIBLE HORRIBLE sales. PS3's flagship title, and it hasnt sold 1M in the USA yet?

If they've sold 675k in the first 12 weeks, in the USA, how many do you think they've sold worldwide? Maybe a little over a million? Maybe?

Game sales plummet after the initial release. There is *zero* chance in heck that the game will reach 2 million lifetime.

Nergardless3500d ago

yes and what's ur point i for one know one cat who bought the ps2 only for gt3 played it through -sold game plus console and then bought it again as gt4 came out what's ur point
anyway all i know is that everybody is bundling his blockbuster titles

solidsnakus3500d ago

this is my point >>>

"Gran Turismo 3 sold 15 million copies on the PS2 alone.
That's a lot more than Halo 2 or 3 ever sold. "

proving this dumbass wrong with his innacurate comments.

Rainstorm813500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

"KZ2 sony's flagship title" "sony's biggest exclusive of the year" "Was supposed to sell 2 mil in 3 days."?????


1st - Killzone is far from sony's "FLAGSHIP" title, far more titles deserve that honor : GoW, Uncharted, GT

2nd - Killzone is a great game but its far from the biggest exclusive of the year. Uncharted 2 says hello and god forbid God of War makes a 09 release.

3rd - 2 mil in 3 days? I understand Gears did it HOORAY!!! PS3 owners have a lot of variety to choose from, because PS3 owners like variety as is shown by PS3 software sales. If we wanted overated shooter after overated shooter we would buy a Xbox360.

Fact of the matter is if you were interested in KZ2 only for sales well congratulations KZ2 has sold more than Killzone and Killzone liberation combined. The game has been successful for sony and GG, why does it matter to you if you dont like the game? or are you envious of PS3 owners because of KZ2? or is it KZ2 was no. 4 for PS3 and Halo wars was no. 8 for 360 in April's NPD ?

gaffyh3500d ago

Lol @ the xbox fanboys. The sales are good for a game, with very little advertising, pretty much no fanbase, and in the PS3's worst performing territory. 360: PS3 ratio is 3:1 in NA.

KZ2 is nothing like Halo, Halo had a huge fanbase, immense hype (more than KZ2), and a larger install base in the US (where FPS sell more, and where Halo sells the most).

KZ2 is a better game than pretty much every other shooter available on consoles. I don't care how much Sony spend on it, how much time they spent, how much it sold, at the end of the day I got a great game (and it is a hell of a lot better than Halo 3, which I have and was already bested by Call of Duty 4).

RememberThe3573500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

The series has sold over 50 million units. You can't argue the significances of that. Anyone who tries to is closing themselves off to reality.
Yes, GT3 was bundled with the PS2, but it was not bundled with the PS2 for the entirety of it's lifetime. It also wasn't bundled with a PS2 to inflate sales, it was bundled with a PS2 to sell consoles. And that is exactly what it did.

On topic: These figures do not leave me impressed. I've said this a number of time, and every time I do I get flooded with disagrees, but I think this is one of the reasons why Reevese suddenly "retired".

Everyone who has played Killzone 2 knows that it deserves better sales then what it has received. The game is doing well but not great. I believe this is due to an incredibly untalented advertising team at SCEE.

Killzone 2 was supposed to be a blockbuster and no matter how many times you click the disagree button, no blocks were busted. Hopefully future releases from SCEE are treated better.

From a business standpoint this was an incredible missed opportunity.

Greek993500d ago

You also have to to remember Killzone 2 is not known to average consumer as to Halo 3. I did my job as a gamer and bought my copy because I knew such game existed. As well as many people on N4G. Sony is to blame because of cheap marketing and their pride. (stop blaming Guerrilla Games ppl.)

In a way Im happy Killzone didn't sell as well as we all hoped. Maybe then, Sony might learn marketing is very important. I doubt they're still questioning themselves on why Halo 3 was a success.

rockleex3500d ago

Its not like GT3 was the ONLY bundle available. Hell, they could have bought the standalone PS2s if they didn't want GT3.

Anyways, Uncharted was bundled with PS3s. You don't see Uncharted doing 15 million. MGS4 was bundled with PS3s, you don't see it doing 15 million.

Point is, they WANTED GT3 otherwise they wouldn't have bought it.

Also, all GT's have done 10 million or more. You don't see other series do that, bundled or not.

solidsnakus3500d ago

i seriously dont know whats wrong with sony, its like their wasting all this time and money on making great games and just send them off to die by not marketing them. if killzone 2 would of had MSs marketing team on it.. shiiat, that game would of sold 3 million the first week! that game rivals the likes of halo and gears. its one of the few actual must have games there are reguardeless of platform. sony staff is just retarded i guess, weve all beeing saying this for years now that the sony marketing team sucks ass, why havent they done anything about it. all of the ps3 commercials in 07 were retarded as hell.i dont even think they made any in 08. its a sinking ship.

DaTruth3500d ago

Man, you guys are lame! As long as it sells enough to keep the online going, that's enough for me! I'm not one of those people who said it would sell 2-3 million first day, or yelling "Teh Killzone iz teh system seller!"

They also had enough marketing to get on N4G where I would notice it and buy it! Again, that's enough for me!

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Nineball21123500d ago

Yeah, it is... It took me a while to warm up to it, but I'm hooked now. I even complained abit about the controls (even here on N4G) when I first started playing it, but it's almost just second nature now.

Great game all the way around.

ceedubya93500d ago

Man going back and forth from this game to Call of Duty on 360 felt extremely jarring. But after a few minutes it feels like home again.

The game has definitely been hyped to no end, but it is without a doubt one of the best shooter experiences on the PS3. It can be a cluster at times, but at least you know that if you point and shoot at someone, you have a chance to win, unlike certain games in which its all about who happens to get the drop first or have the fastest connection.

prunchess3500d ago

I used to think that COD MW was the pinnacle of FPS's, it's so playable(closely followed by Half Life). But after putting in about 90 hours on KZ 2 and then going back and playing COD MW with my son I can see how much better KZ 2 is.

My son is 6 years old and can regularly finish in the top 3 playing COD MW free of all online. He can only manage a few kills in KZ 2 because it has no auto aim like COD MW.

It's obvious why the likes of COD MW and HALO are so popular. The auto aim makes it so easy for those not as skilled as others on FPS to get into playing those games.

Guerrilla Games have got the mix just right for KZ 2. I normally hook up with a few mates on Thursday's for beers and COD MW on the 360. When I brought my PS3 up to show them KZ 2 even they were blown away by how good it is. It took them a while to get over the lack of auto aim but they soon got into it. Plenty of arguing over who's go it is next for the night!

Killzone 2 is a FPS gem, without a doubt. Probably too difficult for an average FPS player though.

ultimolu3500d ago

Really amazing game.
Well done.

sak5003500d ago

58k in april well done? you gotta be kidding me

OmarJA3500d ago

Yeah well done Sony for rolling out three AAA exclusives this year while the 360 is still waiting for a decent one.

ultimolu3500d ago

Unlike 360 fanboys sak500, PS3 fans actually play the games-not dwell on sales.

Please, stop the useless trolling.

Hobadoon3500d ago

If PS3 fans actually "play" the games, it would have sold a hell of a lot more...

ultimolu3500d ago

Because everyone who owns a PS3 loves shooters right? Just because the games aren't selling five million at launch day doesn't mean it's a crap game.

Take it as you will.

Arnon3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

What made Killzone 2 absolutely amazing compared to the majority of shooters out there?

It sure wasn't the flourishing amount of content.

Graphics? Probably.

Also @Ultimolu:

Wtf? Ahaha...

Ultimolu -"PS3 fans actually play the games-not dwell on sales."

RivenX3i - "If PS3 fans actually "play" the games, it would have sold a hell of a lot more..."

Ultimolu - "Just because the games aren't selling five million at launch day doesn't mean it's a crap game."

I want you to read out that scenario that just took place. And tell me how, in the world, that makes sense. First you say that PS3 fans play games, not sales... then you state that even though a game doesn't sell, that doesn't make it a crap game (which is true, but was completely off-topic).

ultimolu3500d ago

Let me make something clear Arnon.

A game doesn't have to sell five million launch day to be a great game.

That is my point.

Got it?


Arnon3500d ago

Because that wasn't the point. The point was that these hardcore PS3 fans do not even support these major first part exclusives. And you obviously agreed with it due to the fact that you had to change the subject.

Got it?


ultimolu3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

So everyone who has a PS3 *must* buy first person shooters ? There can't be some kind of diversity among the console that they own?

Some of you need to grow up. Killzone 2 is a great game. It does not need to sell five million at launch day to prove that.

Based on your comments, Killzone 2 is a flop.

Good going.

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SpoonyRedMage3500d ago

Great sales. Have they got a profit with this, I assume they have...

After 4/5 years of hard work they deserve all the sales they can get.

DJ3500d ago

3 years of work. Low sales for the month. Sony should put up dev diaries or something on the PS Store. It would get more people interested.

It's essentially a new IP (most people didn't even know there was part 1) so it's up to Sony to put in the work and establish this as a strong franchise. Word of mouth can't do everything.

SpoonyRedMage3500d ago

I played the first one. The meleeing was excellent and getting to choose which character you play was cool(I'm thinking about the right game aren't I?) but otherwise it was quite lacking.

I'm glad the second one was much better. Should get most improved sequel.

Dead_Cell3500d ago

If they show another epic trailer like they did for this game to show Killzone 3.
People will listen this time?
Fantastic game.

Chuk_Chuk3500d ago

That would be cool but a little early don't you think.

BTW is cost $40 milion dollars to make Killzone 2

LoVeRSaMa3500d ago

They will probs be starting now or in a few months if anything, under the radar with some concepts.

with 2.5 - 3 million sold world wide, and it cost them 40 million to make, with the math they have made 80 - 120 million already, so doubled almost tripled in profit, its good on them, its likely we will be seeing a killzone 3 [=

Dead_Cell3500d ago

Was just wondering if people will doubt Killzone 3 if/when/definetly when it's shown as much as they did Killzone 2.

zoneofenders3500d ago

well they dont have to build the engine from the ground for KZ3, so the cost will be much less this time.

cherrypie3500d ago


"with 2.5 - 3 million sold world wide"

No. The article _just told you_ that USA sales are 677,000.

The PS3 isntall - KZ2 sales at the same attach rate;
3.20M Japan - 253k
8.53M America - 677k
10.51M Others - 833k

That is 1.7M. According to VGChartz, they've sold 1.5M total. Where is that 1M or 1.5M coming from? You're wrong if you think that's goint to be how many they sell "lifetime", the majority of most games sales are in the first 2-3 months.

"with the math they have made 80 - 120 million already:

$60 at retail x 1,500,000 sales == $90M. That is **TOTAL** at retail.

"so doubled almost tripled in profit"

No. Not in any way. After Marketing, Dev, Licensing etc etc, I'd be suprised if they make much at all.

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