Dragonball Z Raging Blast First Scans

New scans confirm the latest addition to the Dragonball Z game universe.

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Green Lantern23494d ago

So you can move around in this one hmmmm.

Blaze9293494d ago

If anything, it just basically seems to be Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4.

Arsenal4Ever3494d ago

Its tenkaichi 4 yep and its by spike

i got the ghey3494d ago

Im just wondering how you guys know it wont be like the last 360/PS3 DBZ game. id love to see a return to Tenkaichi and done right with current gen hardware

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3494d ago

Just one look at the character designs and you can tell this one is gonna be tenkaichi style.

ThanatosDMC3494d ago

If they can make the flying like ZOE then have lots of energy moves and technique somehow it'll be great! Also, if the environment is fully destructable like destroying parts of planet cuz of a misfire or something like that... basically how the actual anime is... wouldnt that be awesome?!

Blackcanary3494d ago

they all cover the same story line which is better to just watch the anime than play it and normally all stop at the same saga so please till me whats so great about this game?

Monkey D Luffy3494d ago

It's really more or less fan service. It's like that for almost allllll anime games. NEHOO -_-


I don't know why they were mucking about with Burst Limit - which could of been so sick (\(*-*)/) - and Infinite World. I mean beggining to Freiza Saga? THATS WACK o_+ !

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