Sony Uses Human Nature To Stop Piracy

For years piracy has been a blight on our gaming horizon, even causing some consoles to go completely out of business.

For years companies have tried to use technology only to thwart these thieves but now Sony seems to have cracked it by using human nature.

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TheMART3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Wrong. There is only one reason:

Linux can run out of the box. Real hackers only start to hack something if it can't run anything else then its supposed to, like 360 only MS gaming OS.

Less interesting. Also because of the number of users of the platform.

Anything gets hacked in the end. Even the POS3.

And the funny part of it all is:

Even hacked the 360 has a higher attach rate on games then the PS3, so a bit of possibility of piracy may even spark the platform to the highest one, like the PS2 has become the largest platform out there and was also pirated.

Oh and most games on the 360 are region free also, very few ones are limited, so that can't be the reason to do so.

People do have patience. 360 games also are 8 GB or so, it just needs a fast enough internet connection I guess. We have 20Mbit overhere in the Netherlands just for 20 Euro a month. Especially if games get ripped and released weeks or even months before its release, you bet there are some pirates that want to play early...

Oh and the 360 also got modded on costing 400 Euro, the PS3 is 400 Euro now so it doesn't make sense. Not to forget that if done properly and Sony can't see shiat of the modding afterwards they still repair if you have found the way to get things open without damaging warranty seals.

Bioboy3500d ago

Yeah the idea of piracy being good publicity is an interesting one.

PirateThom3500d ago

"Anything gets hacked in the end."

Yeah, usually a few months after it's released... not years.

TheMART3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )


Imagine this: a guy buys a 360 and mods it, otherwise he wouldn't have bought the thing because he thinks the games are too expensive. At his home, 10 friends see the console and 5 decide to buy one. 2 of them pirate theirs and 3 buy originals.

The 'cost' of pirating might be a lot less then the cost of major marketing. As we all know, you buy earlier when hearing positive stories or seeing it yourself from friends, then a company pushing commercials at ya.


@ Tommy

Well the Wii softmod just released before the Wii was here for 2 years. Yes it was hardmodded by chip, but still its a new way of hacking.

So things can be discovered after years after its release. And there are other examples out there. Don't be stupid. Anything can be hacked, just depends on the effort put into it.

Clearly its not interesting enough for the main hackers, by having Linux already running on the PS3 out of the box. Doesn't mean some people are working on it.

theKiller3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

but why do i see ur comments in all negative or praises of sony/ps3??

if u dont like it that much then stop it already and sell ur PS3 to someone who loves to have one. u will do a great work and God may reward u for this action!

u know ps3 owners are happy with PS3 and they get exclusives more than 360 and better quality than 360 exclusives!!

only xbots r jealous and just spitting their hate in PS3 news sections!

On Topic:

personally i like to play pirated games because i dont have much time to spend on games so i dont bother to buy them! but because of the PS3 hack free situation, i will be forced to buy games, and i will buy ps3 games!

DevilNinja4203499d ago

360 games are about 6.5 Gigs, never 8, Ms has about 1gig of data for security and Indexing. There is a huge diffrence between 25 gigs and 8 assuming all ps3 and 360 games are those sizes, but the fact is, bluerays price point is not low enough for the consumer for burners and disc, sure people have them, but u dont see it often, where as everyone has a dvd burner. Sony did a great job on avoiding pirates, This is a spectacular article,

TheMART3499d ago

Nonsense, allmost all PS3 games would fit on a DL-DVD. Some have same data copied to get a workaround for the slow BluRay drive, like Uncharted, to not have to use much installationtime or loading times. They copied what, 3 x the same data on the disc.

And still then, with 20Mbit connection overhere in The Netherlands, one can download what, 5GB per hour or so. So thats a few hours for a PS3 game.

Empty BluRay disc what, 5 to 8 Euro. Thats a lot less then 60 to 70 Euro for an original game. So you're wrong.

At first a DVD burner also was expensive. BluRay burners walk the same path and get cheaper every day, every week.

Your post is plain nonsense overall.

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Forrest Gump3500d ago

Sometimes I wonder,if Sony didn't exist would there be no Thunder?

FragMnTagM3500d ago

What the hell was the point of that article? I don't think those are the reasons that piracy is almost not existent on the PS3. It is a pain in the backside to decode their new technology, but it can be done. Do not underestimate the pirates. Piracy will happen on the PS3, but I don't think it will be as widespread until read/write speed of Blu-Ray is increased.

Palodios3500d ago

I agree with Frag. It can be done, but its just not practical yet. Back in the ps2 days, the first four years of the ps2's life cycle, dvd burners were extremely expensive, like a grand each, and it cost like 5-10 dollars for dvdR's. The only reason piracy existed was because the system used both dvds and cdrs, so pirates could rip videos and large files out of the dvds and make them fit into cds, but nowadays, ps2 piracy is wayyyy more common.

Oh, and Sony is doing a good job with piracy huh? Tell that to the psp.

Lumbo3500d ago

The PSP they made pretty secure with the PSP3000? well ... there goes your point

kevnb3500d ago

its hard to take anyone serious when they call blu-ray blue-ray.

FragMnTagM3500d ago

The PSP 3000 has already been hacked dude, so your point is moot.

Lumbo3500d ago

@frag: the PSP3000 took way longer and the HEN exploit does not allow pirated games to run.. there goes part of yours ;)

TheAntiFanboy3500d ago

It was difficult for me to read past two inches into the article without noticing all the glaring grammar fail.

Not to mention, the author doesn't even make a very good point.

*roll eyes* People these days...

Palodios3499d ago


What does the PSP3000 have to do with the PSP being THE most pirated system this generation? They fixed it, sure, but how many millions of psps are out there that aren't secure?

menoyou3499d ago

Sony made some smart moves in this department indeed, now if they could only use the same brilliance for marketing the PS3 itself.

Gantrfaxx3499d ago

I agree witht this article. Even if they hacked Ps3 i wouldn't hack mine. I don't want to risk, i don't want to lose the online component, i don't want to see my console die cos it has been moded, just like my 2 Ps2s did.

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Baka-akaB3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I aint much convinced by this article . If size of games was even an issue , then the ps3's library wouldnt have been uploadé a iso so quickly on various torrent sites .

Besides Multiplatform games rarely use the space sadly . So no most game are of the usual dvd DL size .

As for the cost , i dont think it's as much as an issue . People did it with the PS2 when it costed quite a lot . Just that this time the console isnt properly hacked (even not at all) and there is the issue with mandatory firmware updates , online gaming and dlc .

Once and if the console ever get hacked , people will do it regardless of fear and cost . After all think of the cost of a whole ps3 library , vs the cost of one console and it's potential lost .

The one thing i agree with here , is the region free argument . With this no more "i hack my console to play imports!" excuse .

PS : i dont support ps3 hack and ps3 games isos . I only wish a way to play ps2 originals region free was found , be it by an homebrew community , or hopefully in an official patch

jerethdagryphon3499d ago

how to play any region ps2 games
get a ps2
buy the games get riegion x that should do the job

lh_swe3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

And it's going to take some time before blu-rays start getting pirated, but sooner or later it's going to hit them too. Piracy is a huge problem for Sony and they still haven't "solved" it, PS2 games are so heavily pirated that I'd bet you many games have more pirate copies than retail copies sold.

bomboclaat_gamer3500d ago

stupid... stupid.

blu ray discs are already pirated. lots of blu ray movie rips are on torrent sites. blu ray can be pirated. its only the ps3 thats not hacked yet. PS3 is not blu ray and blu ray is not PS 3. do ur research.

lh_swe3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I know blu-ray can be ripped (but i haven't seen any pirated ps3 games, enlighten me if i'm wrong but don't be douche about it), but it's more difficult, thus less common and if you read my comment I was saying that the GAMING PIRACY surrounding PS3 games isn't as big of a problem as it is for the PS2, but some time in the future it will be.

bomboclaat_gamer3499d ago

ps 3 games have been ripped lol. where r u? i said do ur research lol

lh_swe3498d ago

for me to make that deduction. I personally haven't found any, and I also have time to monitor every peice of tech thats out there, from what I have read this isn't s big issue and thats what the point of what I way trying to say.
In addition I did say "enlighten me if im wrong", which translated to as far as my knowledge of the issue extends this was the case, which means I don't have extensive knowledge about it.

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Kinetix3500d ago

Piracy and the used games business is killing the industry. So far, sony has piracy on loc but we don't know exactly how much damage the latter is doing to Sony and it's developers.

FragMnTagM3500d ago

High prices of games, crappy games, and DRM is killing the games industry.

If games were cheaper, more would be bought.

If all games were good instead of crappy movie games and shovelware, there would be a lot less pirating. If you know you game is good, release a good demo, and you will have more sales than pirate.

DRM makes a legit copy of a game inferior to the pirated version. I know this applies to PC (mostly) but it is still a good point.

The only time I will pirate is if the game is a victim of the three reasons I mentioned.

Magna Farta3499d ago

I'm so glad that you only have three bubs because you're an idiot.

Guys like you are THE reason DRM has been implemented, get used to it.

Not every game ever made can be a AAA title, get over yourself

You try spending 20-30 million building a game and sell it for less than $50-$60 bucks.

You're a douche, please go away.

The Lazy One3499d ago

That's part of the problem. People are spending 20-30 million making games that compete with games that were produced much cheaper over shorter time periods. What's worse is they sell at the same price.

It makes it incredibly hard to judge game quality for price.

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