NowGamer: What won't be at E3 2009

NowGamer surveyed the office to predict the hopes and expectations that this year's E3 will shatter.

Halo 4

Jon Gordon, news editor, 360 Magazine

"There won't be any mention of Halo 4, nor a sequel to Halo Wars, expansions, or the Peter Jackson Halo project. Halo ODST will be the main focus for Microsoft, and they can't afford to let that game get swamped by other Halo stuff."
Halo 4

Team Ico game

Sam Roberts, games editor, X360

"Sony seems very keen these days to divide its announcements regionally, with Euro-centric stuff getting announced at Leipzig, and US stuff at E3. So I reckon the Team Ico game will be reserved for this year's Tokyo Game Show, and we'll see nothing of it at E3."

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