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Sam Philip of Topgear writes:

"It's a debate most of us have had down at the pub: If you're quick on the PlayStation, will you be quick in real life? Darren Cox, Nissan's online guru, and Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the Gran Turismo series, think so. In fact, they decided to prove that a virtual racing champion can be turned into a real-life racing champion. And so begins the most expansive, most extreme virtual/reality racing experiment in history. A quest to put a top gamer into a top-level international GT race. A real one."

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Nambassa3471d ago

cool. i hope there's new info for GT5 at E3

sonarus3471d ago

This is why gran turismo is the REAL driving simulator

Chuk_Chuk3471d ago

its is a great driving simulator. Use it to learn how to drive instead of paying some guy to teach you:D

socomnick3471d ago

I cant wait for the guy to crash into the wall at 100 mph and then bounce off at 150 just like grand turismo. Because just like real life hitting a car onto a wall makes you bounce off with no damage and with a massive increase in speed. :/

maxbyte3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

@sonarus - man, you can say that again. And again... and again.

I have been "driving" GT since PS1. I tend to stick to front wheel drive cars.
In real life, I drive FW drive cars but I am a very cautious driver. Observe the rules 99% of the time.
Well, nothing I do in real life could have prepared me for quick reactions that were called for when one night I traveled down a highway. Pitch dark. I was driving 120 Km/h. In a distance I could see a minivan which I was approaching slowly (it was doing, probably, 110). As I was coming closer, I went to the left lane to overtake it. I pushed the pedal to 130. I overtook it and started getting back to my lane only to see, to my utter horror, some 20-30 meters away, a young deer curled on the tarmac. My time window for any meaningful reaction was probably 1/10th of a second. I had to react or it was bye bye at 130 Km/h. And I didn't.
My body did. My GT trained body, my GT trained eyes and hands decided what to do, not after 1/10th of a second, but the moment the animal entered my field of vision. My GT alter ego took over, pulled the car to the left vigorously but not too much, just enough to evade collision. This, in turn, saved me from going off road. Of course, the car did not like the move and started dancing on the tarmac because of the sudden jerk. The GT trained Pro did not let go for a second and after two or three corrective maneuvers got the car back in a straight line. I felt like being a mere observer of the act.
In real life, I had no prior experience that would prepare me to do this with such precision or determination. In GT this was an everyday routine - sudden changes in heading, occasional lose and regaining of control etc.
GT, you saved my life and all other racers can kiss your tail.

Proxy3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

But lets remember, NO GAME the likes of GT5 has good damage.

Forza has some damage, but I don't consider it good damage. No flipping, no fires, and very limited body damage.

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-x.Red.x-3471d ago

they didn't JUST picked guys who are good with the DS3. I bet it was who drove better with either the GTracing wheel or the G25

either way damn GT5 does help :D

-x.Red.x-3471d ago

Forza iz moar popular on metacritic and it's a better game...

peeps3471d ago

what has that got to do with this? at least your in the right zone though

Forrest Gump3471d ago

"Forza Motorsport 2 - Xbox 360 (Microsoft) - 217,000 units "

I feel sorry for the people that actually believe Forza is in the same league as Gran Turismo.

Shadow Man3471d ago

That what it sold in 2007. You make it sound like thats total sales.
Forza 2 has sold 3.98 million copies World Wide.

FragMnTagM3471d ago

Forrest Gump is a troll.

Hallucinate3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

ooo so now world wide matters when its in your favour of course
still i think GT5P sold around 3.98 mill and its only a glorified demo..i know im not buying GT5 till the full release so...yea

edit 3.02 million, not bad for a demo

EDIT 2 and thats not including PSN purchases

Shane Kim3471d ago

So world wide works now shadow man? But what about when KZ2 ousold Halo Wars world wide?

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Kain813471d ago

hope Sony has one: The Release Date.

First Day Purchase

Daz3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

They done a good job with GT.

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