Thousands threaten to quit MMO "Swordsman Online"

A bug in MMO "Swordsman Online" has resulted in thousands of gamers threatening to quit playing.

The error has allowed hundreds of gamers to earn experience points at a accelerated rate, allowing rapid progression in levels. Players were able to jump eleven levels in a single evening.

One gamer complained: "I started playing this game in the trial period, or nearly two years ago. I've tried hard to reach the 90th level. But many people jumped from the 79th to 90th and 91st levels in a single night. I can't stand this injustice."

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Myst3496d ago

Ouch, I can understand a bit how they feel especially after going through the fiery pits of what was and still is Final Fantasy XI. It was hard, but it was the fun and good kind of hard where you weren't at least grinding alone though.

Be that as it may, thousands threatening to quit is a really bad spot for the developers. Also simply locking one's account for only 20 days after cheating? That doesn't seem fair as all they have to do is merely wait those 20 days by playing something else. When the 20 days are up their "hard work" had already been paid off in that one night and they'd still have the level they worked easily for compared with those who did. The developers should have at least knocked them down a few levels if at all possible.

Tony P3496d ago

Ouch is right.

As for punishement it seems like simple math. You have 'thousands' threatening to quit and 'hundreds' reaping the rewards of a cheat. The smaller group clearly deserves punishment so...punish them. 20 days of 'time out' really is a slap on the wrist...

majorsuave3496d ago

Hmmmm.... I have no idea what Swordsman online is.

Am I the only one?

CoxMulder3496d ago

Nope, you're definitely not..

The irony in this is, thousands quitting an MMO would probably save some lives...

Viper73496d ago

Pretty similar situation when compared to conquer online. A single patch about 2 years a go made hundreds of ppl quit, including me.
This quite often in mmorpg games.

(if some1 is wondering what patch: The lottery patch that made many equipments easier to get, and skyrocketed the db prices making giving bulkers really unfair advantages.)

ps3d03496d ago

I us to play EQ when that 1st came out and leveling in that game was beyond hard. Not only was leveling insanely slow when the game 1st came out dieing meant you lost half a level. To top that off you had to run back to your corpse naked and risk death again and you had a very limited time to do it before your corpse before it decayed and you'd lose all your gear. It took months to get to level 50. I havent played the game in a long time but last time I did you could get to level 50 in a couple of days you could summon your corpse to where ever you were and you could get a res to give you back all the exp you lost. It hardly seem fair to the people that had to level the hard way. Thats just they way MMO work though they change as time goes by.

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Razasharpz3496d ago

In AQ40 you could walk through a wall after Skeram and skip right to C'Thun. But instead of fixing their problem they just banned 10% of the server population for exploiting


Nihilism3496d ago

he said 10% when vanilla wow was out you stupid fu<k, back in 2004 etc there was not 11 million like there is today...learn to read

JohnnyMann4203496d ago

No really?

I frequent MMOSITE, OnRPG (both are MMO fanboy sites)....

...sooo...What the hell is Swordsman Online?

Can't be that great.

TwistedMetal3496d ago

lol that quote from what a guy said is funny. I do think they should take those people lvls down though.

pixelsword3496d ago

...those players are just better than those who can't reach the higher numbers?

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