IncGamers: Order of War Hands on

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani looks at the first western developed title for Square Enix, Order of War.

"It's always a little strange when you have a Japanese parent company looking after a British based developer that work out of Belarus creating a Second World War RTS game where you can choose to play the Germans against Stalin on the Eastern front.

Confused? Yeah. Me too."

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thetamer3379d ago

This is another title which is either going to work or not.

Leord3379d ago

Yes, you are probably more right than you think with that statement.

Perjoss3379d ago

what if it lands somewhere in the middle and only partially works? you didn't think of that did you? ha!

Leord3379d ago

Even if some WW2 RTS or FPS games might not be the best, I do love the "traditional" feel of war, without spybots and jet planes :P

thetamer3379d ago

There's nothing better than planes in an rts, as long as you don't have to fly them.

Dorjan3379d ago

Square Enix doing an RTS?

Leord3379d ago

Everything is possible ;)

Fyzzu3379d ago

Publishing, not developing. Which isn't wholly surprising since they just bought Eidos.

SpoonyRedMage3379d ago

Hehe, they're also working with Gas Powered Games for Supreme Commander 2.